Lesson Plans February 25th-March 1st

We had a great 4 day week! The kiddos had a great time learning about bears and polar bears too. We have started studying nonfiction topics. They loved sorting books into fiction and nonfiction. If your child has a nonfiction book they would like to bring to school for us to read and learn, please send it in!

The kiddos learned a new I Love You Ritual this week. It was called, On Your Face. It was so cute. I posted pictures of them doing it on my blog!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

Here’s a look into what we have planned this week:

Morning Activities:

-Sentence Scramble

-Journal: What hatches out of an egg? (sight word: of)

Students write:

A ___ hatches out of an egg. (glue picture in blank)

Last Name Graphing:

Students write last name on squares and stick to graph

-Sight word dance and write

Play music, students dance, when music stops call out a sight word and they write it in their journal or on a whiteboard as quickly as possible

-Class Book: Foods We Eat:

Sight Words:

Review: was, of, have

-Letters: Review letters: Mm, Nn, Rr

-Numbers: Review numbers 0-20

Continue practicing counting to 100 by 1s and 10s

I Love You Ritual: The Cat and the Bunny

Morning Messages:

-ending digraphs, 5 more/5 less, cvce words

-cvce words, count to 80, make #s on twenty frames

-blends, number sentences

-how many syllables, what word is missing

Phonics Skills:

  • Introduce Long U

  • Review Sounds of Y Poster


-Fuzzy Wuzzy (sight word: was)

-I Have a Little Frog (sight word: have)


Busy Bee Center Rotations (See literacy stations blog post for more details of the centers that we will be doing this week)

Interactive Writing:

Continue How Many Hearts Can I Hold? (prediction/actual)

-Begin animal research class project:

As a class, make a list of animals we are interested in. Vote on the one that our class is going to research this week.

Pick an animal; KWL chart

*Use PebbleGo, Facts4Me, or Brainpop as a resource.

-we will learn about habitats, where the animal lives, its diet, etc…

-Here is an example of the final product:

Reading Skills: identify the topic & details in expository text, heard or read, referring to the words and/or illustrations. K.10B Retell important facts in a text heard or read.

-Continue animal research.

-Read Non-Fiction Books all week. Finish up KWL charts about the animals.

-Locate facts about the animals that we read.

Review Nonfiction Anchor Charts:

Fiction/Non-Fiction Song:

-Non-Fiction Text Features Scavenger Hunt

Feeling Buddies:

Cranky Cream and Calming Books

To learn additional de-stressing activities to help turn on your thinking brain, preparing yourself to return to classroom activities ready to learn

Sing, Feeling, Feeling, Feeling #8

Discuss whisper messages heard in the song

Review the steps of self-regulation

Today we are going to talk about other choices that can be helpful. One is using cranky cream. Give each child a small amount of lotion, discuss rubbing lotion into hands with firm pressure while singing bye bye crankies song and can also play the song #15 on the I Love you Rituals 2 cd

Add small bottle of cranky cream to safe place case

Read When I Feel book

Add books to safe place as another option.

Math Skills: solve word problems using objects and drawings to find differences up to 10, model the action of separating to represent subtraction, explain the strategies used to solve problems involving subtracting within 10 using spoken words, concrete and pictorial models, and number

Number Corner:

-Calendar, months of the year, days of the week, counting forward/backwards and by tens, 1 more/1 less, days in school, Ways to Show a Number, etc…


Number Talks:

-I have _____. I wish I had ______.

-Addition Number Sentence

-Dot Cards


Number Talk Questioning: What do you see? How do you see it?


Math Activities:

Read Five Little Speckled Frogs and sing.

Then act out the song/write subtraction problems on whiteboards using the frog/log printables:

-Read Five Little Ducks

Then, act out Five Little Ducks using rubber ducks and write subtraction problems on whiteboards.

MIMIO: FIve LIttle Ducks

After that, give students five cubes to represent ducks and a blue sheet of construction paper to represent the pond. Allow them time to act out the story and write subtraction problems on the laminated duck paper!

Sing/Read the Book, Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?


Model subtraction using a big jar work mat and some “cookies.” As one child takes away cookies, the class writes the equation on white boards.


Then, each child gets their own cookies (cookie crisp cereal) and a cookie jar work mat/recording sheet. Tell subtraction stories and students model and write the equation.

Read If You Were a Minus Sign

Create a subtraction situation on chart paper.

Then, allow students to create their own subtraction situations for a class book.


Read Green Eggs and Ham

Make Green Eggs and Ham


MIMIO Addition Options:


-Math by Myself/Someone Options:

-Play Doh Subtraction Smash



-Pete the Cat Subtraction w/buttons

using large class number line, play Race to Ten or Race to 20 together by hopping to the numbers. Then, record #s on work mats.

-Piggy Bank Addition


-Use the duck subtraction page to create subtraction problems using duck magnets.

-Any Math Centers Introduced

-Math in Writing:

Writer’s Workshop Activities:

-Continue writing letters. Reference letter song and anchor chart.

-Finish: Model completing story map page using story cube dice app

Then give each student a story map paper and

each table an ipad to roll the story cube dice and record onto their story maps

-Continue B/M/E story writing

-Continue animal research

-Set writing goals

-Use writing rubrics when finished to check writing.

Writing Anchors:

Social Studies/Science:

-Finish: -seasons

-Animal Habitats on brainpopjr.

-Continue researching animals on Pebblego.

-Research how animals prepare for winter.


This week is going to be FANTASTIC!