Our new I Love You Ritual this week was called On Your Face. It is one of the kiddos favorites, and mine too.

We read a nonfiction book called Bears. Then, the kiddos acted like bears and what they do in each season. This is when they were pretending to hibernate. I LOVE these kids!

We read Five Little Monkeys and then acted out subtraction situations by using real monkeys!

This week we started learning about subtraction situations. We read The Tale of Peter Rabbit and then acted out the story using subtraction problems. One kiddo was Mr. McGregor and another was Peter Rabbit. It was a very good time filled with learning!

Working with cvc words


This is a page from one of our word work journals. We read a book called Kids Can Have Jobs. The kiddos then had to make a connection to the story.

We have been writing LOTS of letters. Once a week, the 2nd graders come down and help us address them.

We have been learning about compound words. I cut up some pictures and the students had to find their partner to create their compound word. It was a fun time!

Sorting Fiction and Non Fiction stories.

One of our lego challenges this week was to create a rainbow. Here are two of them that the kiddos made.

CHAMP Winners!

We have been discussing the sounds that y can make. We read a poem called Fuzzy Wuzzy and found all of the y’s that made the long e sound.

Making word ladders

Making words with magna tiles