We will be celebrating the 100th day of school on Tuesday, January 29th! We have LOTS of fun activities planned for the day and throughout the week. Please remember to send in your snack for this special day, if you have not done that yet. Also, if you and your child were able to make a 100th Day of School poster, send that in as well! We are going to have an AWESOME week!


Retelling the story, The Mitten by acting it out!

Ways to make 9.

Morning Message

Happy Birthday!

Feeling Buddies Lesson: We talked about feelings as I read different scenarios. The kiddos had to hold up how they would feel in that situation.

CHAMPS Assembly Award Winners!


Composing numbers. We learned that composing numbers means putting two groups together to make a quantity.

I Love You Ritual

Making snowmen using glue/shaving cream mixture. It made a puffy type paint.

A Math Game they love to play called Tenzy!