Christmas Break

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas! I enjoyed getting to spend time with lots of family! Christmas Break is winding down and I am very excited to see my sweethearts soon. Don’t forget to have your child complete their Winter Break Homework Challenge in order to get a prize when we return! Also, please return all readers that were sent home in their book bag on Monday! I appreciate you all so much! Enjoy these last 4 days off! See you soon!

The kiddos were beyond excited when Santa came to visit our school!


Using magnetic shapes to create new shapes. This is a tough skill for kindergarten. We learned that if you put 2 squares together, it forms a rectangle and two triangles can make a diamond/rhombus.

Twinning! The girls get SO excited when they are dressed the same as one of their friends! They always ask me to take a picture! I LOVE IT!

sight word practice

On Pajama Day, we all watched The Polar Express and drank yummy hot chocolate from the crockpot! It was DELICIOUS if I say so myself!

The kiddos were SO THRILLED when we came back from lunch and noticed that Santa had left them all a sweet, little note and a bell necklace! I love seeing the excitement through their eyes! Being a kindergarten teacher truly is so, very special.

I hope you all had a very Happy Holiday!



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