We created a snow globe kindergarten tree for our hallway! Each kiddo got to make an ornament with themselves inside a snow globe!

Morning Message: Read it Right!


Peppermint Stick Poem: The kiddos changed the word took to other words such as: look, book, cook etc..
The Gingerbread man Poem: Kiddos changed the word he to she.

The kiddos got into groups and charted the story elements (characters, setting, problem and solution) of The Gingerbread Man. They turned out so adorable.

Our class shape tree

Phoneme Segmenting

The Three Bears Readers Theater

Hot Cross Buns I Love you Ritual


Taking a bite of gingerbread cookies and graphing their first bite.

Number of the Day

Labeling a reindeer and adding details.

They were so proud of their journal writing! 🙂

More I Love You Rituals

Deleting final phoneme practice

Digraph Practice

Erase a Rhyme

Fun Friday Gingerbread Playdough Making!

We had a GREAT week!


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