Learning Fun!

Different ways of Making Ten on a ten frame.

Sight Word Bingo

Creating our own subitizing cards

Roll, Add, and Color

Rhyme Away! The kids love doing this!

Practicing forming our capital letters using race cars

I drew boxes on the board and the students had to figure out what sight word went in it and then they created it with magnetic letters.

Retelling Turkey Trouble

Reading Cvc words with missing initial sounds, then writing them

Charting what we are thankful for (Interactive Writing)

Your Fingers are So Sleepy I Love You Ritual

Lesson Plans

One more week until Thanksgiving break! I just can’t believe it!

I LOVED seeing all of the disguised turkeys this past week! The kiddos had a blast sharing theirs! We have several fun activities planned for this week including making friendship bracelets based off of the first Thanksgiving story and creating a yummy Thanksgiving Blessing Mix!


-Please send in your item for the blessing mix as soon as possible!

-If you signed up to bring pony on my signupgenius page, please send them in by Tuesday, November 13th!

Here is a peek into our week:

Morning Activities:

-I am Thankful Class Book

-Journals: (incorporating do, get and all learned sight words)

-Sight Word Writing using Play-Doh and Toothpicks

-Sight Word/Number Word Bingo

-Color by Number Teen Numbers

Sight Words:

Introduce: do, get

-Letters: Review: Ee, Ff, Yy

-Numbers: 10-11

I Love You Ritual: Wonderful Woman

Morning Message:

-Word Family House -ot (-ot word family book)

-Fill in missing sight words

-Editing simple sentences

-What #s come next?

-Stretch Out Words

-Rhyme Away!

Reading Anchors:

  • Review: What are Characters, what is a setting, reading is thinking, making connections
  • Review: Story Elements and Let’s Retell

  • Describe Mini:

-Reading Activities: Sequencing A Turkey for Thanksgiving, creating B/M/E foldables, charting story elements in groups

-Games: manipulating words with and (hand, land, stand etc..), sight word game: BOOM!

Read Alouds:

The Night Before Thanksgiving, Ten Thankful Turkeys, Pete the Cat Thanksgiving, The Littlest Pilgrim, Thanksgiving for Emily Ann

-We will also review the 3 Ways to Read a Book and practice:

*Reading Skill: Charting Story Elements, Describing Characters, Sequencing


Go Get Some, Glad I’m Not a Turkey

*We locate capital letters, punctuation, rhyming words, sight words, and match sight words/letters.


Busy Bee Center Rotations (See literacy stations blog post for more details of the centers that we will be doing this week)


Interactive Writing:

-I am Thankful for…

-Model Parts of a Book

Writing Anchors to Reference:

-Sentence Frames

I can tell a story:

Writer’s Workshop Activities:

-Begin creating a book (title page, think, draw, label, write…add pages, the end page)

-Use inspiration pages and heart maps to get ideas for story and begin writing.

-Use sentence frame poster to get ideas of what to write about.

-Adding details

-Review how to use writing folder for finished/unfinished work

Feeling Buddies:

Feeling Buddies

Keeping Our Feeling Buddies Safe – to recognize feeling faces, name the feeling and learn self-regulatory self-talk

Review ways to calm ourselves

Today we are going to pair up and learn how to help our Feeling Buddies feel safe

I Love You Ritual – row, row, row your boat, during this song if you are the boat you job is to keep your passenger safe

Which buddy shows how you might feel during a storm

Which buddy shows how you might feel when someone holds you safely

Practice talking to our buddies

Sing Helping My Buddy #10



Number Corner:

-Calendar, months of the year, days of the week, counting forward/backwards and by tens, 1 more/1 less, days in school

Class Routines:

-Count Around the Circle Dice Game

-Roll and Record

-Do you like Thanksgiving?/Observations

-Roll and Shout Sum! (with dice)


Number Talks:

-What do you notice?

-Dot Cards (show 3 with 5 in different ways, discuss how many and then justify the quantity)

-Pips on a Dice

-Fluency Find It Game #s through 20


Problem Solving: Turkey Problem using subtraction

Math Fun:

-Math by Myself Options:

Inventory Bags: Come up with quantity and show how you counted it on paper. Show it in different ways.


-Math with Someone Options:

-Number Line Partner Game (What Number is Missing?)

-Ten Frame Turkeys (How Many More?)

-Turkey Feather Count

-The Pumpkin Patch

-sort 2D and 3D shapes by shape, color, etc…

-make shapes with geoboards

-any number sense games taught

-Any Shape Games

-Counting w/Play Doh

-QR Code Math

-Large #line game

-Magnetic Number Game

-Subitizing puzzles

-any measurement game taught

-race to 10 or 20

-Roll and Record

-Race to Ten/Twenty


Math in Writing:

Journaling: Problem Solving/creating 3D shapes with toothpicks and mini marshmallows

Math Anchors:

-Where do we see math?

Math Activities:

-Gobble, Gobble: Roll, Add and Color

-What’s Missing?

-Thanksgiving Graph

Social Studies/Science: Thanksgiving

Bear Says Thanks read aloud and chart what we are thankful for. Add it to our Thankful Tree.

-Thanksgiving Traditions

-Create Friendship Bracelets based on the First Thanksgiving Story

-Create Thanksgivng Blessing Mix



We are going to have a….BLESSED week! 🙂