Halloween Fun

We have had a great time the past two weeks. We’ve carved a pumpkin, roasted pumpkin seeds, made a pumpkin throw up and built houses for a ghost, to name a few! Please enjoy the pictures!

Sweet friends 🙂

Here’s the bunny I Love You Ritual

Word Family Houses


Parts of a Pumpkin

In the Bag Game

We did a Halloween Read Around where we rotated to different classes for fun activities. In my class, we read Ten Timid Ghosts and then had to create a structure or home for a ghost. The challenge was that the ghost had to stand up and the house had to be sturdy and not fall apart. They had a great time!

We carved a pumpkin and then all of the kiddos got to dig out the insides. They sorted the pumpkin seeds for us to roast!

This was the final product! I’d say half of the kids liked them and the other half did not. I roasted them with butter, sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger. They sure did smell good!

Yaya came to visit us on Halloween! The kids love her so much!

We also did an experiment outside and made our pumpkins throw up! We let all of kindergarten experience this together!

Did you know that a bat can eat 600 mosquitos in just one hour. That is how long we are at centers each day!

Sight Word Bingo

We learned a new number line math game.

We LOVE playing Fluency Find it on teams!