Sight Words

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Week 2 Sight Words: I, can

Week 3: am, like

Week 4: see, me

Week 5: the, on

Week 6: we, go, at

Week 7: Color Words: red, yellow, blue, green, orange

Week 8: Color Words: purple, pink, black, brown, white
Introduce: little, in

Week 9: Color Words: (all)
Introduce: is, my

Week 10: Review words: is, my Introduce: put

Week 11: Review: my  Introduce: you, look

Week 12: do, get

Week 13: for, and

Week 14: she, he

Week 15: it

Week 16: Review Week

Week 17:Review Week

Week 18:said, here

Week 19: said, here

Week 20: they, was

Week 21: are, what

Week 22: what,yes

Week 23: saw,because (nice to know word)

Week 24: of, with

Week 25: have

Week 26: not, home

Week 27: to, no

Week 28:  had, yes

*That is ALL of our kindergarten sight words!! YAY! 

Week 29: Review: and, am, are, do, can
1st Grade Words: about, how

Week 30: for, get, go, had, has 
1st Grade Words: out, up

Week 31: have, he, here, home, in
1st Grade Words: them, then

Week 32: is, it, like, little, me
1st Grade Words: she (this is also a Kinder word), many

Week 33: my, no, not, of, on
1st Grade Words: some, so
Week 34: Reviewing all learned Kinder and 1st Grade Words: No Test! 

Week 35: Review All Sight Words

Week 36: Review ALL Sight Words

Week 37: Review All Sight Words



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