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Kindergarten Curriculum

Our curriculum for Kindergarten at White Oak Primary School

is based upon the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills

(TEKS). Copies of the TEKS for kindergarten can be viewed

at . Curricular

areas for Kindergarten are English Language Arts, Reading and

Writing, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health and

Physical Education, Music and Fine arts, and Technology



Reading is important in everything that we do. Therefore, our

goal is to provide your child with the skills that will help foster a

lifelong love of reading. The number one way to improve your

reading is to READ!

Since reading each day is a vital part of your child’s progress, we

will be sending home a book with your child. Please help your

child read EVERYDAY! Not every child is at the same level of

development so the goal is to begin the reading process

wherever your child’s development dictates and move forward.

In Kindergarten we use a balanced literacy approach to teach

reading and writing. Your child will be taught at their

instructional reading level in small groups with phonics skills.

They are given many opportunities to read in a variety of settings and with a variety of materials.

Just as children learn to read by reading, they will also learn to

write by writing, so students will be given authentic reasons

to write about what they know and experience. Writing is taught

as a process and our students are at varying levels of

development in their writing ability. It is our task to assist each

child to improve in order to increase his ability to communicate.

Our philosophy of writing is based on the New Jersey Writing

Project. You can find more information about NJWP at


Mathematics is taught through a hands-on problem solving

approach that teaches mathematical concepts through whole

group, small group, and individual instruction. The best

feature is the balance it brings to math instruction

of problem solving and computation as it increases

the students understanding of the processes and

continues to spiral back to review previous learning. Instruction

time includes guided practice, independent practice, and

diagnostic assessments.


Many science and social studies concepts are integrated into

our reading, writing, and mathematics curriculum, but specific

TEKS are taught and reinforced in units of study.

The goals of White Oak Primary School are to increase

student achievement of each student to the maximum

extent possible, to develop a lifelong love of learning,

and guide each child in becoming a responsible citizen.

We appreciate all that you do in the community to help

us succeed.

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