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Kindergarten Curriculum

Our curriculum for Kindergarten at White Oak Primary School

is based upon the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills

(TEKS). Copies of the TEKS for kindergarten can be viewed

at . Curricular

areas for Kindergarten are English Language Arts, Reading and

Writing, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health and

Physical Education, Music and Fine arts, and Technology



Reading is important in everything that we do. Therefore, our

goal is to provide your child with the skills that will help foster a

lifelong love of reading. The number one way to improve your

reading is to READ! Since reading each day is a vital part of your child’s progress, we

will be sending home a book with them after the first few weeks of school. Please help your

child read EVERY DAY! Try and make it fun, if possible. For example, let them read outside on their play set!

It is important to know that not every child is at the same level of development, so the goal, is to begin the reading process

wherever your child’s development dictates and move forward. In Kindergarten we use a balanced literacy approach to teach

reading and writing. Your child will be taught at their instructional reading level in small groups. The components of a balanced

literacy program include read alouds, guided reading, shared reading, interactive writing, shared writing, reading and writing

workshops, and word study. Each of these areas are very important in helping your child learn to read and write! They are given

many opportunities to read in a variety of settings and with a variety of materials. In Kindergarten we begin by differentiating

letters, numbers, and words. Later, we move to identifying sentences. I always start the year by incorporating lots of

environmental print from places they know such as Chic-Fil-A, Toys R Us, etc… I get really excited when they tell me what the

signs are that I am holding up. I then tell them, that they are already readers! Getting kiddos excited about learning is KEY to


Just as children learn to read by reading, they will also learn to write by writing. Students will be given opportunities, daily,

to write about what they know and experiences they have had. Writing is taught as a process and our students are at varying

levels of development in their writing ability. In writing, I always tell my students that writers: Think, Draw a Picture, Label the

Picture, and then Write. I do lots of modeling and the kids get excited about it when they think of experiences they have had

and want to share. At the beginning of the year, you may see that your child has drawn a picture of a tree with them standing

beside it. They may have also put a T by the tree. That is the first stages of writing and oh, so exciting! Later, you may see that

they have added to that picture and it might read, ‘I like T’! Please celebrate any writing that your child brings home and ask

them to tell you about it! By the end of the year, you will be amazed at what they can write and the cute, unique stories they

bring home! The growth you will see this year is out of this world!! 🙂


Mathematics is taught through a hands-on problem solving

approach that teaches mathematical concepts through whole

group, small group, and individual instruction. One important factor I will be working with your children on is Number Sense!

Number Sense is so important for children to have as they advance through the grades. We will work on a variety of things to

help them understand numbers and how numbers relate to one another. Some of the things we work on in number sense are:

  1. Subitizing- helps them see quantities in a set (instantly recognizing quantities without having to count)
  2. Verbal Counting- being able to recite the numbers in order
  3. Object Counting- Counting objects and knowing that each number said, stands for how many they have counted
  4. Cardinality- knowing how many after counting a set of objects and not having to go back and re-count them

I will send home notes periodically on what number sense skill we are working on and how to practice at home! Of course, we

teach many other math concepts in kindergarten, but number sense is vital!!!


Many science and social studies concepts are integrated into our reading, writing, and mathematics curriculum, but specific

TEKS are taught and reinforced in units of study. We do many hands on science experiments to go along with what we are

learning about as well. The goals of White Oak Primary School are to increase student achievement of each student to the

maximum extent possible, to develop a lifelong love of learning, and guide each child in becoming a responsible citizen.

We appreciate all that you do in the community to help us succeed.

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