Feeling Buddies Lesson

The kiddos have LOVED using our class Feeling Buddies this year to help them learn how to self regulate their emotions! Our lesson this week includes:

Feeling Buddies: I Have Choices

  • To learn to listen to the signals and whisper messages of our feelings so we can be helpful to each other and ourselves.
  • Sing #12  I Have A Choice
  • practice being helpful to our friends when we see their feeling signals on their face, hear it in their voices, or see it in their bodies.
  • Create Class Book, I Can Be Helpful, students will illustrate and write about how they would choose to be helpful

In Conscious Discipline, children learn how to wish each other well. Wishing well happens when we take a deep breath, put our hands over our heart and send out loving energy.

Week 29 Pictures :)

We planted Lima beans, black beans and pinto beans!

Our caterpillars are growing!! They have gotten so big this week!

Observing our caterpillars. They are getting sooo big!

Reader’s Theaters

Story Elements/Retelling The Three Little Pigs

Practicing our Three Little Pigs play.

Cvc practice

Practicing for Grandparent’s Day!

We’ve been learning all about plants!

Graphing Domino Sums

Word Family Fluency Practice Game

Team work 🙂

Acting out The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Peter is trying to take carrots from Mr. McGregor’s garden!

Peter succeeded!!! We then made a subtraction problem to figure out how many carrots were left in the garden!