We had such an awesome week! Please enjoy all of the pictures! 🙂


CHAMP Winners

wee deliver …. mailing our letters to friends throughout the school

Tracing shadows

Sweet heart graph

Sweet heart experiment. We found that they sink in water and vinegar. In the soda, we found that the hearts sunk straight to the bottom, then popped up to float.


We read Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch and then created valentines for people that we love!

Math Fun

word families

CHAMP winners!

Library Fun! We got to go up to the treehouse to listen to Mrs. Elder read a story and then do the slide to get down!


More Pictures

Champ Award Winners

Snow Dough

Sight Words with Play Doh

Long a words using ai

We predicted where we would be if we took 100 steps. Then, the kiddos traced their foot, took 100 steps and taped their foot on the wall where they landed. We found out that some people predicted correctly and others were way off. It was so fun! We will finish this activity with two more groups this next week!


Adding with Fruit Loops

Adding using a storyboard addition mat and bears

We have been working hard learning how to add and create addition number sentences.

Long a words using -ay

Fluency Find It Game

Practicing with Teen Numbers Understanding the ones and tens place


Sweet Friends

100th Day Fun! Granny Stagner came to teach the class for the day!


Post-it thinking as we read.



Retelling the story, The Mitten by acting it out!

Ways to make 9.

Morning Message

Happy Birthday!

Feeling Buddies Lesson: We talked about feelings as I read different scenarios. The kiddos had to hold up how they would feel in that situation.

CHAMPS Assembly Award Winners!


Composing numbers. We learned that composing numbers means putting two groups together to make a quantity.

I Love You Ritual

Making snowmen using glue/shaving cream mixture. It made a puffy type paint.

A Math Game they love to play called Tenzy!


The Mitten

The kiddos enjoyed reading The Mitten By Jan Brett! We not only charted the story elements and sequenced the animals, but the kiddos got to act out the story pretending they were the characters! It was a lot of fun!

Sequencing the animals that went into the mitten

Story Elements

Pictures from January 7th-11th

We had our first CHAMPS Assembly over Respect on Friday! These were our sweet award winners.

I Love You Ritual

Sweet Girls 🙂

The Kiddos LOVED making snow!!!

Morning Message

Guided Reading Work

What Does Not Belong? Students had to justify which picture they thought did not belong.

Sweet Lunch Bunch

Math Time

Drawing/Describing a Snowman

I love how all of the kiddos like to share their writing and reading with the whole class! I love their confidence in themselves and the support they give one another. This is truly a SPECIAL group of kiddos!

Fluency Find It Game

Retelling the story The Snowy Day

Using post-its to think as we read

More Math

Christmas Break

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas! I enjoyed getting to spend time with lots of family! Christmas Break is winding down and I am very excited to see my sweethearts soon. Don’t forget to have your child complete their Winter Break Homework Challenge in order to get a prize when we return! Also, please return all readers that were sent home in their book bag on Monday! I appreciate you all so much! Enjoy these last 4 days off! See you soon!

The kiddos were beyond excited when Santa came to visit our school!


Using magnetic shapes to create new shapes. This is a tough skill for kindergarten. We learned that if you put 2 squares together, it forms a rectangle and two triangles can make a diamond/rhombus.

Twinning! The girls get SO excited when they are dressed the same as one of their friends! They always ask me to take a picture! I LOVE IT!

sight word practice

On Pajama Day, we all watched The Polar Express and drank yummy hot chocolate from the crockpot! It was DELICIOUS if I say so myself!

The kiddos were SO THRILLED when we came back from lunch and noticed that Santa had left them all a sweet, little note and a bell necklace! I love seeing the excitement through their eyes! Being a kindergarten teacher truly is so, very special.

I hope you all had a very Happy Holiday!