Pictures and Some Info

What a fun filled week we had! Please enjoy all of the pictures!

This week, I will start out with a substitute in my room, while I pull kiddos out in the hall for the TPRI test (Texas Public Reading Inventory). It is a test we do 3 times per year. I have to test them individually, so it does take some time. I should be done by Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. I hope you all have a FANTASTIC week!

The kiddos LOVED our new I Love You Ritual this week! It was called Row, Row. The I love you rituals we do each more are a great way for the students to connect, engage and unite with friends before starting our day!

The kiddos have worked so hard learning how to rotate to centers each day. We are still practicing, but they are getting better each time!

We read the book Have You Filled a Bucket Today? The kiddos loved learning that everyone in the world carries around an invisible bucket. When people are kind and loving, their buckets get filled up. When people are mean and ugly, your bucket starts to empty. The kiddos have worked very hard to be bucket fillers instead of bucket dippers! I am so blessed to have such sweet, little learners in my class!

More Center Practice

Morning Message

We have been practicing different ways to say the alphabet letters and their sounds. A few way include: saying the letters/sounds in order, skipping letters and saying the letters/sounds, Saying just the sound, or saying just the letters and a word that starts with that letter.

One of our experiments we did this week, was cutting an apple into slices and placing it in different jars. The jars included: lemon juice, air, water, baking soda, and milk. We learned that the apple slice in the lemon juice stayed fresh, while the others withered and got very YUCKY!

This sweet girl lost another tooth!

More centers

This was a fun, new math game I taught them this week. The kiddos rolled out my huge number line and placed dominoes on the correct number.

Apples on Top Game

We keep track of how high we can count. When someone counts higher than the last time they counted, we move their picture on the counting progress wall!

We had an apple tasting and voted which color of apple was our favorite!

On Friday, we made real applesauce in the crockpot! We charted the ingredients and the steps to make it! You guys should try it at home.
Step 1: wash the apples
Step 2: Peel the apples and cut into slices
Step 3: Place them into the crockpot
Step 4: Add 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup of sugar
Step 5: Put cinnamon on top (to your liking. We put a BUNCH) haha
Step 6: Place the lid on and turn crockpot on high.
Step 7: Cook all day stirring occasionally
Step 8: Enjoy!

Our last experiment of the week was Do You Think an Apple Will Sink or Float in water? We made predictions and then tested it out to see. We found out that ALL apples, no matter the color, float!


I hope you all enjoyed the nice, long weekend! I relaxed, spent time with family and went to a few birthday parties!

Enjoy the pictures from this last week in the Kinderpillar Room!

The book we were reading matched her cute shirt, so we had to snap a picture!

We worked on the sight words I and can this past week.

Math Fun!

Our Class Name Graph

Writing a sentence using I can…

Locating the word can in our story using wikki stix.

We read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? in Listening Center this week. The kiddos held up the color of each animal as we read.

We read the book, Ten Black Dots. It showed examples of what could be made using black dots. Afterwards, we each rolled our HUGE class die to see how many black dots we could use to create our picture!

Play Doh word making

Our sweet birthday boy turned 5!

One of our student’s dad’s is a police officer. He came to read to the kindergarten classes and talk about his job. The kids LOVED it!

For Fun Friday, we used shaving cream to write words on our tables!

Our first kiddo got to take home the class mascot this weekend! We can’t wait to hear and read about their adventures. 🙂

More Learning Fun!

We have been learning so much and having a lot of fun at the same time!

Sorting names according to first letter

The kiddos have been working hard signing in to class every morning.

The kiddos loved getting to share their about me bags and I enjoyed getting to know more about them!

We read Five Green and Speckled Frogs. The kiddos each held up a frog and jumped away when we had to subtract one. It was a fun time.

We practicing identifying all of our shapes and then decided to go on a shape hunt. I hid several shapes around the room while the kiddos covered their eyes. Then, they got to use some magnifying glasses to go search for them. Afterwards, they sorted the shapes.

A grasshopper landed on his leg at recess and EVERYONE thought it was pretty cool!

We read a book called Scream for Ice Cream. We got to vote on how we like our ice cream (in a cone, bowl, on a stick, in a sundae etc…) and made a graph.

Outside fun!

Learning how to rainbow write

We read Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed and acted out the scenarios with some stuffed animal monkeys. We love making stories come to life!

For Fun Friday, we made slime and the kiddos had a BLAST!!! I did too!

What a Great Start!

We are off to a GREAT start in the Kinderpillar Room! We have been learning lots of new things. One important thing we have been discussing is that my job, as the teacher, is to keep them safe. The kiddos’ job is to help me keep the classroom safe. We have discussed ways of helping me do that and they are doing a FANTASTIC job! Please enjoy the pictures!

Dance Fun!

We learned about what we do and don’t do in the bathroom. We sang a song, read a book about it, and made a chart!

They ROCKED the first day of school! They even made hats!

Alphabet Matching

Good Choices/Bad Choices School Activity

Math Time

Practicing walking like CHAMPS!

We read the book, First Day Jitters and talked about all of our feelings on the first day of school. Then, we had some jitter juice to make our jitters fly right out of our tummy!

Our fun name game!

We read Gingerbread Man Loose in the School. Afterwards, we found a clue that a gingerbread man had actually been in our class! He left clues all around the school. Some of the different places we visited while searching for the gingerbread man included the cafeteria, playground, music, technology, nurses office and the main office. The kids had so much fun. In the end, the gingerbread man led us right back to where we started, but had left us a delicious gingerbread man treat!

Have a great weekend!!!



End of the Year Pictures

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I have loved getting to spend some extra time with my sweet family and make new memories!

Now, that my computer is up and running, I wanted to share with you guys some of our end of the year pictures! Better late than never, right?! I also plan to share our end of the year picture slideshow on here soon. I sent a copy home with everyone, but it will not work unless you watch it on a computer.

I sure am missing these sweet kiddos!


Our end of the year awards! The kiddos had such a great time trying to guess who they thought would get each one. It was the sweetest.

My summer birthday crew

Our sweet Yaya! The kiddos will miss you!

Senior Walk

It was so cute to watch these sweet kids high five the seniors and look at them in awe. Some of them even gave their posters to the seniors, which I thought was absolutely precious!

Three of the pictures would not download, so I will get those up as soon as I can.


What an AWESOME week we had! Grandparents Day was a HUGE success! Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy the performances! The kiddos have worked so hard and I could not be more proud of them! Enjoy the pictures!


I love you ritual time.

This week, we read Chrysanthemum. We talked about how we should treat one another and how our heart gets wrinkled when people hurt us with words or actions. So, we passed around a purple heart and talked about a time our hearts were hurt and we would wrinkle it just a little. When everyone had a chance to share, we tried really hard to straighten the heart back out. We even put bandaids on it to see if that would help. We ended up discussing how sometimes our hearts get hurt and we can forgive, but our heart is still a little wrinkled. We ended our lesson by making some headbands that read: Before you speak, think and be smart. It’s hard to fix a wrinkled heart. The kids loved it and learned a lot!

We’ve been learning about parts of a plant and made flowers with labels on them.

Grandparent’s Day!!!!!


Whew! What a FUN, BUSY week we had!! We enjoyed Field Day, Snow Cones, CHAMPS Assembly, and even released our butterflies into the wild this week! I love this time of year watching these sweet kiddos take charge of their learning! It is so much fun! I can not believe the year is coming to an end soon. 🙁

Problem/Solution Activities

We Recycle Poem

Field Day FUN!!

Snow Cones!!!

CHAMPS Assembly

Hair Color Graph

Walking Water Experiment

We released our butterflies! It was so much fun!


Pictures and Reminders

We had a GREAT week and a WONDERFUL Easter party! I am so thankful for all of the parents who helped supply items and set up! You are so appreciated!

I hope everyone enjoyed their nice, long Easter weekend and the beautiful weather!

We have a lot going on this week!


  1. Our CHAMPS Assembly will be this Friday. We will be joining Mrs. Barlow’s 2nd grade glass and teaching everyone about cooperation. We would love for you all to be there! The Assembly starts right at 8:00! Please have your child to school no later than 7:45 so they can get on the stage and ready! I sent home lines for your child to practice last week. Please continue practicing at home each night this week!
  2. Kinder Field Day: Our Field Day will be Wednesday, April 24th. Please remember to bring a water bottle, with your child’s name on it, a towel, and possibly an extra change of clothes for them if you are not taking them home afterwards. NO SWIMSUITS OR WHITE SHIRTS, PLEASE. I have attached the flyer that was sent home below. Your child will also have a chance to purchase a snow cone from the Kona Ice Truck that day as well. So, please send money with your child if you will not be there.
  4. Enjoy the Pictures: 

    Fun in the Sun


    Favorite Character Graph from Goldilocks and the Three Bears

    Ways to be Kind/Unkind

    We have a sight word road, and the kiddos drive their little cars to the different sight word houses. They LOVED it!

    Our CHAMP winners

    We love when my older students come and read to us!

    These were new games we learned in math and the kiddos had the best time playing them! 

Pictures :)

We had a WONDERFUL trip to the zoo this week! The weather was perfect for our field trip! We also had fun reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We retold the story and acted it out with characters, too. On Friday, we decided to make porridge to see if it was as good as the three bears thought it was. To my surprise, most of the kiddos, asked for seconds! It was an awesome time. Last, but not least, we have been watching our caterpillars all week. They are all now in a chrysalis. We will transport them into their butterfly cage Monday so they will have a bigger space to move around when they hatch! Please enjoy all of the pictures from our fun filled week!