Pictures and Reminders

We had a GREAT week and a WONDERFUL Easter party! I am so thankful for all of the parents who helped supply items and set up! You are so appreciated!

I hope everyone enjoyed their nice, long Easter weekend and the beautiful weather!

We have a lot going on this week!


  1. Our CHAMPS Assembly will be this Friday. We will be joining Mrs. Barlow’s 2nd grade glass and teaching everyone about cooperation. We would love for you all to be there! The Assembly starts right at 8:00! Please have your child to school no later than 7:45 so they can get on the stage and ready! I sent home lines for your child to practice last week. Please continue practicing at home each night this week!
  2. Kinder Field Day: Our Field Day will be Wednesday, April 24th. Please remember to bring a water bottle, with your child’s name on it, a towel, and possibly an extra change of clothes for them if you are not taking them home afterwards. NO SWIMSUITS OR WHITE SHIRTS, PLEASE. I have attached the flyer that was sent home below. Your child will also have a chance to purchase a snow cone from the Kona Ice Truck that day as well. So, please send money with your child if you will not be there.
  4. Enjoy the Pictures: 

    Fun in the Sun


    Favorite Character Graph from Goldilocks and the Three Bears

    Ways to be Kind/Unkind

    We have a sight word road, and the kiddos drive their little cars to the different sight word houses. They LOVED it!

    Our CHAMP winners

    We love when my older students come and read to us!

    These were new games we learned in math and the kiddos had the best time playing them! 

Pictures :)

We had a WONDERFUL trip to the zoo this week! The weather was perfect for our field trip! We also had fun reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We retold the story and acted it out with characters, too. On Friday, we decided to make porridge to see if it was as good as the three bears thought it was. To my surprise, most of the kiddos, asked for seconds! It was an awesome time. Last, but not least, we have been watching our caterpillars all week. They are all now in a chrysalis. We will transport them into their butterfly cage Monday so they will have a bigger space to move around when they hatch! Please enjoy all of the pictures from our fun filled week!


Enjoy the pictures from this past week. Please take time to read about our Feeling Buddies lesson towards the bottom!

The kiddos left leprechaun traps over the weekend in hopes of catching one! To their surprise, a leprechaun did come visit, but he just snuck by and left some “gold” for them! It was an exciting Monday!

Our caterpillars arrived on Thursday! We got to observe them for 2 days! The kiddos journaled about them and drew what they looked like. We can’t wait to see them on Monday!

Our CHAMP winners this week!

coin bingo

jelly bean graphing

Sight Word Music Game

The kiddos had a blast conducting surveys and gathering data this past week! We will continue this week!

Bump math game

Technology Math

Domino Graphing

Story Elements for The Three Little Pigs

Who Do You Believe? The pigs or the wolf

This week in our Feeling Buddies lesson, we learned how to use loving eyes. Sometimes if things happen, for example, if someone steps on your hand on accident, we naturally want to get angry or mad and say that the person did it on purpose. However, when we put on our loving eyes (heart glasses) we can see that we just need to use our words and help them by saying something like, “That really hurt me. Please be careful where you are stepping next time.” The kids acted out scenarios and really got into it. At the end, we referenced the three little pigs and tried to see the best in the big bad wolf. We asked ourselves, “How could the wolf have been helpful instead of hurtful?”

I sure love this little crew!


We had such a fun filled week! The kiddos had a blast finishing up their animal research projects. They worked so hard researching their animals. They also worked in groups to create a map from Little Red Riding Hood’s house to Grandma’s house! They did so good! We ended our week by doing a fun Jelly Bean Experiment and creating Leprechaun Traps in hopes of catching one! Enjoy the pictures!

Mr. Sun I Love You Ritual

Morning Message

King/Queen for the Day Writing

Cvc Words

Lucky Charms and Jelly Bean Graphing

Fun in the Sun

We are Animal Research Experts!

They LOVE sliding down from the treehouse in the library.

Long U practice

Hard/Soft C Words

Coin Sorting

Sweet girls

Performing their readers theater over The Three Bears for the class.

Guided Reading Activities

My Lunch Dates 🙂

CHAMP Winners

Jelly Bean Experiment

Little Red Riding Hood Map

Leprechaun Traps

Pictures and Reminders

I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend! We had a fun week of learning. I also enjoyed getting to visit with all of you during conferences. The kiddos are always so excited to show off their work/progress to you.


Please check your child’s folder for a snack and zoo trip note. We are running extremely low on snack and need your help restocking! We will be heading to the zoo on April 9th. Please fill out the permission form for your child. If you would also like to come help volunteer, please check that box as well so I can get you a form to fill out in order to be an approved volunteer.

Thank you for all that you do! Enjoy the pictures!


This week’s CHAMP Winners!

We have been learning all about how to keep our teeth healthy! We had some visitors come from Padal Dentistry to put on a little dental information show. It was great! The kiddos all got a goody bag to bring home as well with a new toothbrush, paste, and floss!

sight word tic tac toe

Our new I Love You Ritual, On Your Face!


Each morning, I pull out a name stick and that child gets to be the King/Queen for the day. We have fun learning things about the child and writing them down. Afterwards, we located things in our writing such as chunks, sight words, capital letters, punctuation, digraphs, blends, etc…

Practicing with prepositions or positional words

Lego Wall Challenge. Wesley did an outstanding job creating his name!

Animal Research Projects. We should finish this week. I can’t wait to share their final projects. They have had a wonderful time working in groups and researching about animals.

Oobleck! We made Dr. Suess’ Oobleck. It was very unique. We noticed that it felt hard in the bowl, and when you picked it up, it would turn into a liquid! Super cool.

The kiddos getting ready to sing our goodbye song. This group is sooo, sooo special. I love how they always wrap their sweet arms around one another before we sing. It brings tears to my eyes. So sad that we only have 9 weeks left together. 🙁




We had a fun week! We started our animal research project and our class voted to research Koalas. We learned about their habitat, diet, and lots of interesting facts. One fact was that when koalas are born, they are about the size of a jellybean! In two weeks, the kiddos will begin their own animal research projects in small groups.


Koala animal research project

Our new I love you ritual: The Cat and the Bunny

We sang Five Little Ducks and acted out the subtraction problems using yellow cubes and blue paper to represent the water.

NonFiction Text Features Scavenger Hunt. The Kiddos had a great time searching for all of the features in the books. 

We also read Five Green and Speckled Frogs

and acted out subtraction scenarios.


Our Sweet CHAMP winners!


Our new I Love You Ritual this week was called On Your Face. It is one of the kiddos favorites, and mine too.

We read a nonfiction book called Bears. Then, the kiddos acted like bears and what they do in each season. This is when they were pretending to hibernate. I LOVE these kids!

We read Five Little Monkeys and then acted out subtraction situations by using real monkeys!

This week we started learning about subtraction situations. We read The Tale of Peter Rabbit and then acted out the story using subtraction problems. One kiddo was Mr. McGregor and another was Peter Rabbit. It was a very good time filled with learning!

Working with cvc words


This is a page from one of our word work journals. We read a book called Kids Can Have Jobs. The kiddos then had to make a connection to the story.

We have been writing LOTS of letters. Once a week, the 2nd graders come down and help us address them.

We have been learning about compound words. I cut up some pictures and the students had to find their partner to create their compound word. It was a fun time!

Sorting Fiction and Non Fiction stories.

One of our lego challenges this week was to create a rainbow. Here are two of them that the kiddos made.

CHAMP Winners!

We have been discussing the sounds that y can make. We read a poem called Fuzzy Wuzzy and found all of the y’s that made the long e sound.

Making word ladders

Making words with magna tiles



We had such an awesome week! Please enjoy all of the pictures! 🙂


CHAMP Winners

wee deliver …. mailing our letters to friends throughout the school

Tracing shadows

Sweet heart graph

Sweet heart experiment. We found that they sink in water and vinegar. In the soda, we found that the hearts sunk straight to the bottom, then popped up to float.


We read Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch and then created valentines for people that we love!

Math Fun

word families

CHAMP winners!

Library Fun! We got to go up to the treehouse to listen to Mrs. Elder read a story and then do the slide to get down!