Learning Fun!

Different ways of Making Ten on a ten frame.

Sight Word Bingo

Creating our own subitizing cards

Roll, Add, and Color

Rhyme Away! The kids love doing this!

Practicing forming our capital letters using race cars

I drew boxes on the board and the students had to figure out what sight word went in it and then they created it with magnetic letters.

Retelling Turkey Trouble

Reading Cvc words with missing initial sounds, then writing them

Charting what we are thankful for (Interactive Writing)

Your Fingers are So Sleepy I Love You Ritual

Halloween Fun

We have had a great time the past two weeks. We’ve carved a pumpkin, roasted pumpkin seeds, made a pumpkin throw up and built houses for a ghost, to name a few! Please enjoy the pictures!

Sweet friends 🙂

Here’s the bunny I Love You Ritual

Word Family Houses


Parts of a Pumpkin

In the Bag Game

We did a Halloween Read Around where we rotated to different classes for fun activities. In my class, we read Ten Timid Ghosts and then had to create a structure or home for a ghost. The challenge was that the ghost had to stand up and the house had to be sturdy and not fall apart. They had a great time!

We carved a pumpkin and then all of the kiddos got to dig out the insides. They sorted the pumpkin seeds for us to roast!

This was the final product! I’d say half of the kids liked them and the other half did not. I roasted them with butter, sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger. They sure did smell good!

Yaya came to visit us on Halloween! The kids love her so much!

We also did an experiment outside and made our pumpkins throw up! We let all of kindergarten experience this together!

Did you know that a bat can eat 600 mosquitos in just one hour. That is how long we are at centers each day!

Sight Word Bingo

We learned a new number line math game.

We LOVE playing Fluency Find it on teams!



Week 9 Pictures :)

Morning Message

Race to the Top Game

Feeling Buddies Lesson
They were practicing how to inhale/exhale. We also made star wands to remember to be a S.T.A.R!

number talks

Sharing their Halloween Sticker Stories

Dancing Hands I Love You Ritual

Thinking with post-its

Sharing their 3D shapes they brought from home

Writing Heart Maps


Sight Word Bingo

Reading is Thinking Experiment! This was a hit!

Ways to make 8




Week 8 Pictures

A sweet 2nd grader who I was blessed to teach in kinder came to read to our class!

Guided Reading Fun

Interactive Writing


Color Word Songs


Number of the Day

A peek into center activities!

We read It’s Pumpkin Day Mouse and discussed the different emotions of the pumpkins.

In our Feeling Buddies lesson, we practiced being a S.T.A.R. (stop, take a deep breath, and relax). Then we practiced belly breathing by breathing in through a flower (inhale) and blowing out a non-lit candle (exhale).


Humpty Dumpty I Love You Ritual



Week 7 Pictures

This past week was an awesome week filled with lots of learning and FUN! Enjoy the pictures.

Morning Message

Interactive Writing

We have been using post-its to think as we read. We use them to mark a favorite part, a sad part, a tricky word, or a connection we have.

Counting Jar

Math Fun!


We learned a new I Love You ritual this week called Three Nice Mice. It has been our favorite one so far!

Fun in the Sun

The kiddos had a blast on our nature/leaf hunt! We put some cool things we found into our sensory bin for this upcoming week.

We reviewed what our faces look like when we need to go to The Safe Place to calm.

Labeling Fall Pictures



Pictures from Week 6

I hope everyone enjoys looking at the pictures of our class each week as much as I love taking them! This group is so sweet!!!

Letters, Words, Sentence Review

Poetry Time

Math Centers

The Birthday Girl

Upper/Lowercase Letter Match and Number Writing

Feeling Buddies Time

Little Miss Muffet I Love You Ritual

The Counting Jar and Grab and Count

We allow two students to count the objects in the jar. Then, as a class, we discuss what we observed or noticed about how they counted. The students then randomly grabbed some tiles from the box and had to count, draw what they grabbed and show how they counted it!

Apple Facts and Opinions

Jumping Apple Seeds Experiment
The kiddos LOVED this.

One of the sweetest parts of my job is getting to see my daughter, nieces and nephew everyday!

We learned that Readers are Thinkers this week. We can use post-its to think as we read!

We cut an apple and found a star in the middle! We then painted with the apple. The kiddos LOVED seeing the star inside!

When Anger Gets Ahold of Us….

This week, we learned about what happens when anger gets ahold of us. We realized that when we get bug crazy mad, we are not ourselves anymore and we are angry. We discussed several scenarios and put on the anger necklace to show how upset we get when angry. We then practiced several different breathing strategies to help calm us down when we feel that way, so we can become ourselves again. We talked about when we get bug crazy mad, it is hard to control ourselves and our actions which ends up with us being or saying hurtful things that we don’t mean. Using breathing/calming strategies help us to become caterpillar calm. The kiddos are doing a GREAT job learning how to manage their emotions.

Great Times in Kinder

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

What a FABULOUS week in kindergarten we had this last week. We have made a lot of progress in learning how to rotate to our literacy stations as well as math stations. I feel so spoiled because the kiddos are so, very sweet and willing to practice anything I ask them to do. I am truly one blessed teacher. We will begin bringing home our book bags and reading logs this coming week! Here are some pictures from our week together. I hope you enjoy them!

Rhyming Practice

We learned a new I Love You Ritual this week called, Row, Row, Row

Morning Message incorporating the letter Cc

We did an apple experiment where we sliced an apple and then put each slice into a jar. After that, the kiddos poured different items into the jars. We used baking soda, water, lemon juice, milk, air, and vinegar. We let them sit all day and then charted our results. We learned that all of the apples had turned brown or started rotting except for the apple slices that were in the milk and lemon juice. This then led into a conversation about ascorbic acid (vitamin C). It was a fun learning experience for all!


We learned a new math game called Number Sense Memory.


One of my past students, who is a BIG 2nd grader now, came to read to us! The kiddos LOVEd it and I was super proud of her fror using such great expression!

Our applesauce recipe included apples, water, cinnamon and a little bit of sugar! It was delicious!

Applesauce! The kiddos did a great job helping! Mrs. Edwards class came over and helped/enjoyed it with us!

Our New, Sweet friend 🙂

Fun in the Sun!

Apple Tasting
We all tasted a slice of a green, yellow and red apple. First, we predicted which one we thought would taste the best. Then, we voted which one we actually liked the best.

Does an Apple Sink or Float? We made our predictions and then tested it out. We learned that they do float.


Feeling Buddies in Action!

Thank you to our generous donor for funding our Feeling Buddies project! Our class has been borrowing the feeling buddies, and now we will have our very own class set! We are beyond excited.

The kiddos have  loved learning about managing our feelings and emotions using the Feeling Buddies Toolkit! So far we have met and learned a little about each of our 8 Feeling Buddies: Happy, Sad, Angry, Scared, Calm, Disappointed, Frustrated and Anxious. This week we will learn about the difference between angry and frustrated. We will make a class book called: Our Feeling Faces. We will also act out scenarios and practice using our breathing strategies to help us go from bug crazy mad to caterpillar calm.

We have now met all 8 buddies. They teach us about different feelings each week and how to calm/ breathe in certain situations.

We did an extension activity and thought of a time when we might have felt happy/sad/scared. We then shared our stories with the class. Afterwards, we created what our face might have looked like when we felt that emotion. Of course, we tied in a little writing by writing I am ____. 🙂