When Anger Gets Ahold of Us….

This week, we learned about what happens when anger gets ahold of us. We realized that when we get bug crazy mad, we are not ourselves anymore and we are angry. We discussed several scenarios and put on the anger necklace to show how upset we get when angry. We then practiced several different breathing strategies to help calm us down when we feel that way, so we can become ourselves again. We talked about when we get bug crazy mad, it is hard to control ourselves and our actions which ends up with us being or saying hurtful things that we don’t mean. Using breathing/calming strategies help us to become caterpillar calm. The kiddos are doing a GREAT job learning how to manage their emotions.

Great Times in Kinder

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

What a FABULOUS week in kindergarten we had this last week. We have made a lot of progress in learning how to rotate to our literacy stations as well as math stations. I feel so spoiled because the kiddos are so, very sweet and willing to practice anything I ask them to do. I am truly one blessed teacher. We will begin bringing home our book bags and reading logs this coming week! Here are some pictures from our week together. I hope you enjoy them!

Rhyming Practice

We learned a new I Love You Ritual this week called, Row, Row, Row

Morning Message incorporating the letter Cc

We did an apple experiment where we sliced an apple and then put each slice into a jar. After that, the kiddos poured different items into the jars. We used baking soda, water, lemon juice, milk, air, and vinegar. We let them sit all day and then charted our results. We learned that all of the apples had turned brown or started rotting except for the apple slices that were in the milk and lemon juice. This then led into a conversation about ascorbic acid (vitamin C). It was a fun learning experience for all!


We learned a new math game called Number Sense Memory.


One of my past students, who is a BIG 2nd grader now, came to read to us! The kiddos LOVEd it and I was super proud of her fror using such great expression!

Our applesauce recipe included apples, water, cinnamon and a little bit of sugar! It was delicious!

Applesauce! The kiddos did a great job helping! Mrs. Edwards class came over and helped/enjoyed it with us!

Our New, Sweet friend 🙂

Fun in the Sun!

Apple Tasting
We all tasted a slice of a green, yellow and red apple. First, we predicted which one we thought would taste the best. Then, we voted which one we actually liked the best.

Does an Apple Sink or Float? We made our predictions and then tested it out. We learned that they do float.


Feeling Buddies in Action!

Thank you to our generous donor for funding our Feeling Buddies project! Our class has been borrowing the feeling buddies, and now we will have our very own class set! We are beyond excited.

The kiddos have  loved learning about managing our feelings and emotions using the Feeling Buddies Toolkit! So far we have met and learned a little about each of our 8 Feeling Buddies: Happy, Sad, Angry, Scared, Calm, Disappointed, Frustrated and Anxious. This week we will learn about the difference between angry and frustrated. We will make a class book called: Our Feeling Faces. We will also act out scenarios and practice using our breathing strategies to help us go from bug crazy mad to caterpillar calm.

We have now met all 8 buddies. They teach us about different feelings each week and how to calm/ breathe in certain situations.

We did an extension activity and thought of a time when we might have felt happy/sad/scared. We then shared our stories with the class. Afterwards, we created what our face might have looked like when we felt that emotion. Of course, we tied in a little writing by writing I am ____. 🙂

Kinder Learning Fun

Does your name have an L in it?

Making Behavior Committments

Every morning we count around our circle to take attendance. This week, we added in using our attendance stick. The kiddos count how many are present and double check by creating a stick made from connecting cubes. We then chart how many kiddos are here/not here.

Creating how many kiddos are here using ten frames.

We cut out letters from magazines and created an alphabet poster.

Name Art!

Each week, we recite poems and practice finding sight words, rhyming words, word parts, capital letters, punctuation, etc…

We also have poetry journals. The kiddos glue their poem of the week in the journal and highlight the same things that we locate in our big poems.


The kiddos LOVE our magnetic sensory bottle! They all take turns playing with it throughout the day. I even like playing with it! Ha!

Our class mascot winner for the weekend!

For Fun Friday, we made orange cloud dough! It was super cool!

Interactive Writing

I have the sweetest kiddos this year! All of the them try to be super helpful to not just me, but their friends!

Math Sorting

Letter Puzzles

We learned a new I Love You Ritual song this week, Georgie Porgie. The kiddos LOVE doing them and it gives them a positive start to their day!

Technology Center

My lunch date on Thursday! I love when kiddos pick the eat with the teacher coupon! It’s so fun to sit and talk with them one on one!

more center fun

We read The Shape of things and then used shapes to create pictures!

Sweet Friends!


A Glimpse into the Kinderpillar Room :)

Letters in my name/not in my name


We began interactive writing this week! We wrote about things we can do.

We also spent time practicing writing what we could do on whiteboards.

One of our pocket chart centers

During shared reading, we locate many things in our books such as sight words, capital letters, rhyming words etc… The kiddos love using wikki stix!

The kiddos have learned about subitizing (instantly recognizing a quantity 1-10) this week.

They spent some time exploring rekenreks in math.

How will we get home graph. After we created our graph, we discussed observations that we noticed and charted them.

Every morning, we chant our 5 classroom commitments and then pick one that we will work really hard on committing to that day. This is one of our kiddos using Mr. Pointer to help the kiddos recite them.

Movement Break

We played a fun name game where the kiddos had to match the 5 pictures in their bag to the name of the student. Then, they wrote their friends names that they matched up. It was fun and challenging!

Alphabet Match

Sweet Friends

Our Class Name Graph to chart how many letters were in our names

I can journal writing to connect our I Can Move Book and interactive writing this week.

Taking attendance! We count around the circle every morning to make sure everyone is here. Another student double checks and then we create the number using ten frames and chart how many kiddos are here and not here.

Poetry Center

Mimio Center Name/Picture Match

ABC Activities

Reading our individual I Can Move books and highlighting the different sight words by color

Number of the Day

After learning about the listening center, we completed a response to the story. The kiddos did very well!!!

More Mimio

name building

FUN FRIDAY! The kiddos decided that they wanted to do shaving cream for EVERY Fun Friday from here on out! Haha.

Our Class Mascot Winner for the week

Our Student of the Week

Kinderpillar Fun :)

We had a sweet birthday boy this week!

Lunch Bunch with the teacher

The kiddos loved using pattern blocks to create pictures!

She got to bring a stuffed animal to school 🙂

We read and sand Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. Then, acted it out with monkey stuffed animals!

Making their daily commitments


Our Class Mascot winner!

A Fun Start…

We have had so much fun learning the rules and playing learning games! This group of kiddos is so, very sweet. Thank you for sharing them with me during the day.

We played a fun shape game that went to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know it.” For example, we might have said, “If you’re holding a hexagon stand up.”

We went on a FANTASTIC shape hunt around our room! The kiddos went in small groups and had to find as many shapes as they could of the shape that was on their magnifying glass. A simple, yet fun, get your energy out, activity.

Matching our alphabet letters.

We have had one birthday so far in our class! When it’s your child’s birthday, they get to take home the class birthday book! We had so much fun celebrating this sweetheart!

Exploring Geoblocks

Color Puzzles

Shape Puzzles


Circle the Letter as Quick as You Can Game

Every morning, after the kiddos unpack, they go to our wish well board and move the heart with their name into the safe keepers box. If anyone is not at school on a particular day, their name will stay up, so we know to wish them well throughout their day while they are not with us. This helps our students learn about having empathy and love for one another.

We talk a lot about ways to help calm (self regulate) our bodies when we get upset or even mad. This pictures shows us rolling a breathing strategy cube to practice ways to calm down. The kiddos pictured are practicing the balloon here.

Tracing our alphabet/numbers and practicing using expo markers appropriately.

Alphabet practice using dabbers

Reading Time. Even if kiddos don’t know how to actually read yet, there are 3 ways to read a story: read the words, read the pictures, retell the story

We read a the book called, Gingerbread Man Loose in the School and to our surprise… a gingerbread man ACTUALLY left clues all around the school for us! He helped us learn about the different places we would go such as the nurse, library, gym, cafeteria, office, music, computer room etc… When we thought we almost caught him, he led us straight back to our classroom where he left gingerbread men cookies for us to eat! It was a SWEET surprise! The kiddos had a blast, to say the least.

Acting out how to solve problems with one another should that arise. This is our time machine. Both kids have to be willing to work it out or we wait until they are both calm to do that. These kiddos were just showing us how to do it.

Sometimes, we have to stop and do some yoga to get our brains ready to learn. We have learned the Star, the plank and the chair movements so far.

Whiteboard Time

My kindness recorder colors in hearts every time we spy someone doing something nice for another person.

We learned all about how to be a bucket filler with the book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today? When I spy students being sweet and filling buckets, they get to fill up their own buckets in our classroom. Once full, they get to pick a reward coupon such as bring a stuffed animal to class, wear a hat, no shoes etc..

The kiddos had fun mixing up or magnetic numbers and putting them back in order as fast as they could. They all got a kick out of me when I would forget my number order (on purpose…some are on to my tricks though)!

Exploring math manipulatives

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Capital/Lowercase Letter sort using the MIMIO

Sorting friends names by first letter.

I Love You Rituals in the morning


What a GREAT 2 Days!

We had an AWESOME first 2 days in the Kinderpillar Room! I hope your kiddos get some rest this weekend. They learned a lot of rules and did outstanding in class. Enjoy the pictures!


We read David Goes to School and then sorted out Good Choices/Bad Choices at school!

Every morning, we come together as our school family and do an I love you ritual. This is us doing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, What a Wonderful Child You Are! It gives the kiddos an opportunity to connect with a friend and show kindness/love. They did great and were so cute.

Using Play-Doh to make our first and last names!

Putting her name heart in the safekeeper box. This let’s us know who is not here at school and then we wish them well. My job is to keep the kiddos safe and their job is to help keep it that way.


Exploring Math manipulatives

Good/Poor Bathroom Choices


Alphabet Practice

My sweet daughter made it through her first 2 days of kindergarten too! I just want you all to remember that we are in this journey together this year! I feel all of the emotions you guys are having as well! Don’t forget that I am the safekeeper of our classroom and my job is to keep your children safe. Their job is to help keep it that way! We are going to have a FANTASTIC year.



Great First Day!

We had a WONDERFUL day in the Kinderpillar Class! I enjoyed getting to know my new sweet group of kiddos. They are all so precious. They learned A LOT of rules today, but also got to dance and sing! Here are a few pictures I was able to take. Stay tuned for more….

Making our names with play-doh 🙂

Outside fun!

Mrs. Wingo came with her puppet and taught us all about manners!! She was amazing!

Dancing to Count to 100!