Thank You!

Meet the Teacher was a success! Thank you to everyone that made it out! I enjoyed meeting my new, sweet group of Kinderpillars and their parents! Don’t forget to scan the QR Code tomorrow night and listen to the story, The Night Before Kindergarten. See you soon!

Mrs. Stagner 🙂

Meet the Teacher

Hey Everyone!

Meet the Teacher will be today from 4:00-5:00! I am so excited to meet my sweet, new Kinderpillars! We are going to have a great year!

See you soon,

Mrs. Stagner


P.S. We have P.E. on Thursday, so make sure to send your child in some comfortable shoes!

This Week…


Can you believe…..

There are only 10 days of school left?! I am so proud of all of my kiddos and so sad that the end is near! I have grown to love each of them so very much! Some of the girls and I have already cried a few times this past week! We all have a close little bond and are finding it hard that we have to say goodbye soon! But… these kiddos are sooo ready for 1st grade and I know they will LOVE their next teacher too! White Oak is such a great place!

This week we are learning….

(several things are a continuation from last week. It is so hard to get everything in especially at the end of the school year! NOTE: I am almost finished assessing all of the kiddos with reading levels/TPRI! I am sooo proud of how far they have all come since the beginning of the year!)

Review: ALL taught sight words including the 1st grade words!

*We will also do the Sight Word Fluency PowerPoint for practice with all of our words.

Morning Message:

Monday: Editing Writing

Tuesday: middle sounds

Wednesday: sentence writing

Thursday: rhyming

*Other morning activities: free writing, reader’s theaters, The 3 Little Pigs Activities

Reading Skills: Story Elements/Sequencing

*We will continue reading several versions of The Three Little Pigs this week! I have planned LOTS of FUN activities to go along with them!

Reading Anchors: Who Do You Believe, Readers are Thinkers

Big Books/Shared Reading: Several Different Versions of The Three Little Pigs. We will be conducting graphs within this Three Little Pigs Unit and also completing an array of activities such as: creating a pig out of 2d shapes, completing a book all about The Three Little Pigs, Graphing who we believe, and many more… 🙂

Guided Reading Centers:

Listening: Listen to a QR code reader and complete a response page

ABC Center: OSMO

Word Work: Creating CVC Words Pig Style 🙂

Writing Center: Favorite Kindergarten Memory

Technology: Language Arts Games/OSMO

Pocket Chart: Word Endings Practice

Poetry: Water/iFinish Clouds, Clouds Way Up High Activity to make class book

Lightbulb: Word Work Activities

Art: Creating Pig out of 2D Shapes/Graphing how many shapes used

MIMIO: cvc word building

Interactive Writing: Writing about my favorite kindergarten memory

*Writing Skills: capitalization, punctuation, good spacing, staying focused. We will discuss our goals from last week and move our name pencils if we feel that we need to focus on another skill.

Writing Anchors: Review: Writer’s Don’t Say…., What Gets a Captial, Meatball and Spaghetti Spacing

Independent Writing: Favorite Kindergarten Memory

Poems: Ice Cream

Things we focus on with our weekly poems:

-Rhyming Words

-Capital Letters


-Sight Words

-Fluency (reading smoothly, not like a robot, and sounding like we talk)

-Word Chunks etc…

Penmanship: Letters form EXPO practice book

Math Focus: Graphing/Addition/Subtraction (review activities)

Number Talks:

-Same Amount Different Arrangements (prove/justify how they are the same)


-Number Strings

-I have ___. I wish I had ___. What do I need to do? Why?

Classroom Routines:

-Daily Weather Chart

Math Anchors: Review: How to Create a Graph, Addition, Subtraction

Investigations/Math Lessons: Continuing:

-Shel Seeking Number Order

-Counting On with Beach Treasures

-Summer Friends Number Relationships

-Ocean Creatures Addition

Math Centers:

-Piggy Bank Addition

-Penny Toss

-Race to 20 Number Paths


-Add and Cover (Easter Themed)

-Spin and Graph

-Easter Addition

-Easter Subtraction

-Technology-Math Games

-Easter Ten Frames

-Shake and Spill

Math Journals:

-problem solving

-number order


Small Group Math:

-one and two more/less and other number sense games

Science: Stem Activities!!1

Let’s make this week GREAT!