Learning in the Kinderpillar Room

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! I had a great time hanging out with my sweet family! Lincoln is 10 months old and walking everywhere! The girls love to dress him up like a doll and play with him. Haha.

Here is a peek at what we will be learning:

I Love You Ritual: Little Miss Muffet

Language Arts:

Sight Words: on, the, pink

Last week we introduced green.

Shared Reading:

Bouncing Balls

Spin, Spin, Spin

*We have been locating the capital letters at the beginning of the sentences, punctuation and sight words and circling them with our wikki stix.

Interactive Read Alouds:

  • Do Like Kyla

  • Don’t You Feel Well, Sam?

  • I Went Walking

  • Library Mouse


Anchor Charts and Lessons:

-What Gets a Captial Letter?

-What is a Label?

-What Do Writer’s Do? (Think, Draw, Label, Write)

-What is Writer’s Workshop?

-What Do Writer’s Write?


-Hold up a mirror, look in it, and say, “I am a WRITER!”

-Writing sentences using sight words we have learned.

-Beginning to draw a picture and try to label it.

Interactive Writing:

We See Leaves

Environmental Print

Things we like in kindergarten


-#s 0-5, letters Oo, Qq, and Gg


We have been rocking and rolling with centers! The kiddos are getting the rotation down very well. I am still having to help some, but we are getting the hang of things!

Social Emotional: Introduce 2 new Feeling Buddies. Give examples of when we felt a certain way. Discuss how we can handle it the next time or if we could go back in time, what would we do differently?


-Counting: We will continue practicing counting to 100.

-Count Around the Circle Game to take attendance.

-Attendance Stick

-Counting by 10s.

Number Talks

-Dot Cards


-Ten Frames

I will ask: What do you see? How do you see it?

-Another thing we do each day is show our numbers in different ways. We practice showing our numbers in numerals, word form, tally marks, objects, dominoes, dice, fingers, number path etc…

-Problem Solving: We will begin solving word problems!

-Calendar– days of the week, months of the year, today is, yesterday was, tomorrow will be, 1 more than a #, 1 less than a #, counting by tens, count around the circle, how many students are here/not here, etc…

Some Math Activities:

-Begin Math Center Rotations

-Ten Frame Kids

-Count and Cover Game

-Number Sense Memory Game

-Roll and Record Game

Science/Social Studies:

-Sensory Tubs-Locating letters, numbers, and shapes

I hope you all have an OUTSTANDING week!


Mrs. Stagner

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