Lesson Plans September 9th-13th

Here is an overview of what we are learning this week:

Morning Activities:

-Environmental Print Book

-Journals: I see the _________. (incorporate picture)

-Emergent Reader: I See (circle sight words I and see)

-Journals: I like _______. (use environmental print cut outs)

-Make sight words using play dough. (I, can, am, like, see, me)

-Signing in to practice name writing and penmanship

I Love You Ritual of the Week:

Row, Row

Reviewing Routines:

-3 ways to sit on the carpet (criss-cross, mermaid, or mountain)

-Taking attendance by counting around the circle/double checking

-Getting the teacher’s attention 4 steps:

  1. Eye Contact
  2. Raise your hand and stay calm
  3. Wait until the teacher says your name
  4. Softly ask your question

We also have a fun song that we sing.

-Review breathing/calming strategies we can use when or if we become upset

-5 Conscious Discipline Commitments

(we started making our commitments this week)

New Sight Words:

see, me

Sight Word Songs: The Word on the Bus and There is a sight word we just learned (tune: BINGO)

Sight Word Chant: Hickety Pickety

Shared Reading:

Playing Basketball

Bouncing Balls

Literacy Stations (Centers):

*Use center folders to and rotate to centers slowly. Begin working in literacy stations and taking home book bags. (See Literacy Stations blog post for more details of what we do at each station)

Interactive Read Alouds:

B is for Bulldozer (rhyming practice)

On Market Street

Have You Filled a Bucket Today? (review)

A My Name is Alice

Essential Question: Why do you need letters?

Phonics Skills:

-Hearing Rhymes

-Hearing More Rhymes

-Making Letters

-Alphabet Linking Chart: Ways to say letters using the chart

-Sorting Rr and Bb and discussing how they are different.


Read I See sight word reader

-students will get their own copy to highlight sight words and to add to their book boxes

-3 Ways to Read a Book (words, pictures, retell)

Interactive Writing:

-I am ______. (finish)

-Environmental Print Writing using pictures (Continue)

-I see _______.

-Apple Writing

-Discuss capitalization at the beginning of a sentence and punctuation at the end.

-Place stickers under each word for help when reading.

Writing Anchors:

-What Gets a Capital Letter?

Self Regulation Lesson:

Review Feeling Buddies:

-Song Buddy Time

-show Angry and Scared Buddy

discuss times we have felt angry or scared

discuss facial expression (angry/scared)

-Song Look at My Face

-Song Bye Bye Buddies

Extension: draw a time when you felt angryy or scared


Number Talks:

Show students a number and ask: “What do you see? How do you see it?”

-Review Ten Frames and Rekenreks

-Practice subitizing using dice and ten frames

-rekenreks: What do you see? How do you see it?

-dot cards: What do you see? How do you see it?

*Review hand signals and number talk vocabulary posters

-Counting Songs: Subitize Super Fast Ten, Counting down from 20, Counting to 100 Rap

-Number of the Day (different ways to make numbers: numeral, objects, ten frame, tally marks, number path, domino, dice, fingers, etc…)

-Anchor: Counting Strategies

-Game: Hidden Numbers

-Activity: Start the Counting Jar

-Game: Apple Roll and Record

-Game: Apple Race with Numbers

-Number Sense Memory

-Journals: Begin Math Journal Problems

Number Corner:


-Days of the Week/Months of the Year review

-How we keep track of special days on our calendar

-How many days we’ve been in school


-Practice upper and lowercase Tt and Dd

-Practice writing ABCs and Numbers 1-4


-Simple Sentences in Writing Journals

-Apple Senses Chart

-Apple Tasting and voting on favorite apple

-Apple Facts

-How to Make Applesauce (write together)

Social Studies:

-Make a Feelings Face Plate and write a sentence to go with: I am _________.

-Label parts of an apple (stem, flesh, seeds, leaf, skin)

-Do Apples Sink or Float?

-Apple Jars Experiment using: air, milk, vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice

(observe apple slices in each jar throughout the week and journal)

Fun Friday:

-Make Applesauce!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you all have an AWESOME week!

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