Field Trip to the Park Reminder


Tomorrow, Monday, May 13th we will be going to Penick Park. Parents are welcome to meet us there.

The buses will leave at 8:30 and return shortly after 1:00. If your child is bringing a lunch, please do not send things that need to be kept cold. We will have ice chests for drinks. Please send 2 plastic, disposable water bottles with your child’s name on them. Please write your child’s name on their lunch also. We are requesting that you put sunscreen on your child before they leave for school that morning. Dress your child appropriately for the weather and park (shorts and tennis shoes).

Also if you have any extra outdoor toys like bubbles, balls, and chalk you are welcome to bring those to share.


What an AWESOME week we had! Grandparents Day was a HUGE success! Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy the performances! The kiddos have worked so hard and I could not be more proud of them! Enjoy the pictures!


I love you ritual time.

This week, we read Chrysanthemum. We talked about how we should treat one another and how our heart gets wrinkled when people hurt us with words or actions. So, we passed around a purple heart and talked about a time our hearts were hurt and we would wrinkle it just a little. When everyone had a chance to share, we tried really hard to straighten the heart back out. We even put bandaids on it to see if that would help. We ended up discussing how sometimes our hearts get hurt and we can forgive, but our heart is still a little wrinkled. We ended our lesson by making some headbands that read: Before you speak, think and be smart. It’s hard to fix a wrinkled heart. The kids loved it and learned a lot!

We’ve been learning about parts of a plant and made flowers with labels on them.

Grandparent’s Day!!!!!