Lesson Plans

Here’s a look into what we have planned this week:

Morning Activities:

Goldilocks and the Three Bears interactive booklet

-Noun Sort (person, place, thing, animal)

-Sight Word Concentration

-Earth Day Writing


-Grandparent’s Day Writing


Sight Words:

Review all


-Letters: Review letters: Ff

-Numbers: Review numbers 0-20

Continue practicing counting to 100 by 1s and 10s

I Love You Ritual: Song Selector’s Choice

Morning Messages:

Continue: Daily Star Student – share something with class and write a sentence about what was said. Find letters, digraphs, blends in sentence. Fix mistakes (capital, spacing, punctuation)


Continue April Chit Chats


Phonics Skill: CVCE words

Do this with several words..











Continue reviewing cvce words. Make sound boxes on the board and have them use the big magnetic letters.


Interactive Writing:

-Acrostic Poetry: Share pen writing a students name and words that describe that student using each letter of their name.

-Grandma/Grandpa Acrostic Poems

Create a color poem together








Show how to add words to make it more interesting. Call on students to add describing words


Sweet grapes

Juicy plums

Beautiful violets

Shiny balloons

Cozy sweater




-Earth Day Books (Michael Recycle, Why Should I Recyle?)

-There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick

-The Grouchy Ladybug

Math Skills: use data to create real-object and picture graphs*

*K.8(C) Draw conclusions from real-object and picture graphs*

K.7 (A) Give an example of a measureable attribute of a given object, including length, capacity, and weight


Number Corner:

-Calendar, months of the year, days of the week, counting forward/backwards and by tens, 1 more/1 less, days in school, Ways to Show a Number


Class Routines:

Practice making numbers using pretzel sticks (as tally marks) during snack time.

Number Talks:


-dot cards

Ask: “What do you see? How do you see it?”

Students agree on answer. Justify how they came up with it.

*Create the number in different ways. Focus on ways that they don’t use often such as tally marks, dominoes, dice etc….


*using a rekenrek, discuss different ways/combinations to come up with the number 12.

-PowerPoint: What Does Not Belong?

-Students will share which item does not belong and justify why. There can be more than 1 correct answer.

Different ways to make the number 16. (tally marks, dominoes, dice, objects, number path, numeral, number word, etc…)

Number Strings:

Number Talk:

What Makes 10?


Math Fun:

-How tall am I?

-Graphing Hair Color


– Goldilocks Roll and Record with Teen Numbers (Use teddy grahams if you’d like!):

Create a bar graph about their favorite color (bringing in the color words). Discuss observations.

-Review Graphs

Graphing: Allow time for students to conduct a survey of their choice. Then, have them create a graph using the data, with legos or magna tiles:

Share with the class.

– Coin Bingo

-Problem Solving:

-Math with Someone Options:

*Rollin, Rollin, Rollin:

*Numbers Undercover

*Doubles Undercover

Graphing (students go around and conduct a survey):


–Flower Domino Sum Game

-Coin Sorting:

Bring in a jar of spare change and allow kiddos to sort it.

-Allow students to create a coin book and make coin rubbings.

-QR Code Math Game:

-Allow kiddos to make these posters. Cover up the sum or difference with a post-it that has a number sentence on it:

-Match Domino Sums

-Tally Mark Practice:


-Domino War

Fun Math Songs:

Math Song: Subitizing with a Pirate



Math Song: Addition Facts Song


Math Song: Teen Numbers


Math Song: 3D Shapes



Writer’s Workshop Activities:

-Continue grandparent’s day stories

-Acrostic Poem writing (grandparent names, student names, color)

-Continue setting writing goals.

-Continue using writing reference folders as a resource

-use writing rubrics to check over stories

Social Studies/Science:

-Journal: Bean observations and plant in jar observations

-Journal: Caterpillar/Chrysalis Observations

-Review butterfly life cycle

-Butterfly videos


Brainpopjr: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycling PowerPoint:

Read Michael Recycle


-We Pledge to Take Care of the Earth!


FUN FRIDAY: Walking Water Experiment!

This week is going to be GREAT!!

Pictures and Reminders

We had a GREAT week and a WONDERFUL Easter party! I am so thankful for all of the parents who helped supply items and set up! You are so appreciated!

I hope everyone enjoyed their nice, long Easter weekend and the beautiful weather!

We have a lot going on this week!


  1. Our CHAMPS Assembly will be this Friday. We will be joining Mrs. Barlow’s 2nd grade glass and teaching everyone about cooperation. We would love for you all to be there! The Assembly starts right at 8:00! Please have your child to school no later than 7:45 so they can get on the stage and ready! I sent home lines for your child to practice last week. Please continue practicing at home each night this week!
  2. Kinder Field Day: Our Field Day will be Wednesday, April 24th. Please remember to bring a water bottle, with your child’s name on it, a towel, and possibly an extra change of clothes for them if you are not taking them home afterwards. NO SWIMSUITS OR WHITE SHIRTS, PLEASE. I have attached the flyer that was sent home below. Your child will also have a chance to purchase a snow cone from the Kona Ice Truck that day as well. So, please send money with your child if you will not be there.
  4. Enjoy the Pictures: 

    Fun in the Sun


    Favorite Character Graph from Goldilocks and the Three Bears

    Ways to be Kind/Unkind

    We have a sight word road, and the kiddos drive their little cars to the different sight word houses. They LOVED it!

    Our CHAMP winners

    We love when my older students come and read to us!

    These were new games we learned in math and the kiddos had the best time playing them!