Enjoy the pictures from this past week. Please take time to read about our Feeling Buddies lesson towards the bottom!

The kiddos left leprechaun traps over the weekend in hopes of catching one! To their surprise, a leprechaun did come visit, but he just snuck by and left some “gold” for them! It was an exciting Monday!

Our caterpillars arrived on Thursday! We got to observe them for 2 days! The kiddos journaled about them and drew what they looked like. We can’t wait to see them on Monday!

Our CHAMP winners this week!

coin bingo

jelly bean graphing

Sight Word Music Game

The kiddos had a blast conducting surveys and gathering data this past week! We will continue this week!

Bump math game

Technology Math

Domino Graphing

Story Elements for The Three Little Pigs

Who Do You Believe? The pigs or the wolf

This week in our Feeling Buddies lesson, we learned how to use loving eyes. Sometimes if things happen, for example, if someone steps on your hand on accident, we naturally want to get angry or mad and say that the person did it on purpose. However, when we put on our loving eyes (heart glasses) we can see that we just need to use our words and help them by saying something like, “That really hurt me. Please be careful where you are stepping next time.” The kids acted out scenarios and really got into it. At the end, we referenced the three little pigs and tried to see the best in the big bad wolf. We asked ourselves, “How could the wolf have been helpful instead of hurtful?”

I sure love this little crew!

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