We had such a fun filled week! The kiddos had a blast finishing up their animal research projects. They worked so hard researching their animals. They also worked in groups to create a map from Little Red Riding Hood’s house to Grandma’s house! They did so good! We ended our week by doing a fun Jelly Bean Experiment and creating Leprechaun Traps in hopes of catching one! Enjoy the pictures!

Mr. Sun I Love You Ritual

Morning Message

King/Queen for the Day Writing

Cvc Words

Lucky Charms and Jelly Bean Graphing

Fun in the Sun

We are Animal Research Experts!

They LOVE sliding down from the treehouse in the library.

Long U practice

Hard/Soft C Words

Coin Sorting

Sweet girls

Performing their readers theater over The Three Bears for the class.

Guided Reading Activities

My Lunch Dates 🙂

CHAMP Winners

Jelly Bean Experiment

Little Red Riding Hood Map

Leprechaun Traps

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