Pictures and Reminders

I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend! We had a fun week of learning. I also enjoyed getting to visit with all of you during conferences. The kiddos are always so excited to show off their work/progress to you.


Please check your child’s folder for a snack and zoo trip note. We are running extremely low on snack and need your help restocking! We will be heading to the zoo on April 9th. Please fill out the permission form for your child. If you would also like to come help volunteer, please check that box as well so I can get you a form to fill out in order to be an approved volunteer.

Thank you for all that you do! Enjoy the pictures!


This week’s CHAMP Winners!

We have been learning all about how to keep our teeth healthy! We had some visitors come from Padal Dentistry to put on a little dental information show. It was great! The kiddos all got a goody bag to bring home as well with a new toothbrush, paste, and floss!

sight word tic tac toe

Our new I Love You Ritual, On Your Face!


Each morning, I pull out a name stick and that child gets to be the King/Queen for the day. We have fun learning things about the child and writing them down. Afterwards, we located things in our writing such as chunks, sight words, capital letters, punctuation, digraphs, blends, etc…

Practicing with prepositions or positional words

Lego Wall Challenge. Wesley did an outstanding job creating his name!

Animal Research Projects. We should finish this week. I can’t wait to share their final projects. They have had a wonderful time working in groups and researching about animals.

Oobleck! We made Dr. Suess’ Oobleck. It was very unique. We noticed that it felt hard in the bowl, and when you picked it up, it would turn into a liquid! Super cool.

The kiddos getting ready to sing our goodbye song. This group is sooo, sooo special. I love how they always wrap their sweet arms around one another before we sing. It brings tears to my eyes. So sad that we only have 9 weeks left together. 🙁



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