Lesson Plans March 25th-29th

Here’s a look into what we have planned this week:

Morning Activities:

-Emergent Reader (had)

Sight Word Concentration

Journal (yes)

Sight Word Dance and Write in journals

Play music, students dance, when music stops call out a sight word and they write it in their journal or on a whiteboard as quickly as possible

-Class Book: We See Animals

Sight Words:

had, yes

-Letters: Review letters: Tt, Uu

-Numbers: Review numbers 0-20

Continue practicing counting to 100 by 1s and 10s

I Love You Ritual: Mr Sun.

Morning Messages:

Daily Star Student – share something with class and write a sentence about what was said. Find letters, digraphs, blends in sentence. Fix mistakes (capital, spacing, punctuation)

Phonics Skills:

  • Review Long U

  • Soft/Hard C



Busy Bee Center Rotations (See literacy stations blog post for more details of the centers that we will be doing this week)

Interactive Writing:

-I Am So Lucky…


Share pen and call on students to write,

I am so lucky and then list why they are so lucky.


Ex. I am so lucky that I have a dog. Etc.]

Create a class fairytale story, call on students to roll dice and write parts of the story or add additional sentences/ideas.

Make a map for Little Red Riding Hood to Grandmother’s House


Reading Skills: establish a purpose for reading, identify the elements of a fairy tale, establish between real/nonsense and retell the fairy tales

Read Alouds and Activities:

Read alouds: Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears

-Intro to Fairy Tales: Chart:



Read Little Red Riding Hood


*Retell the story together using finger puppets or students.

-Read Little Red Riding Hood


Chart Story Elements:


Chart: Little Red Riding Hood Real/Make Believe


Math Skills: K.4 Identify U.S. Coins by name, including pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters

K.8(A) Collect, sort, and organize data into two or three categories


Number Corner:

-Calendar, months of the year, days of the week, counting forward/backwards and by tens, 1 more/1 less, days in school, Ways to Show a Number:


Class Routine:

-Play in partners. Each partner rolls a dice. The first partner to shout out the sum first, wins!

-Count around the circle starting with 10. Every time you get to 17, that students sits down. Play  until only one student remains.

Number Talks:



Students figure out the sum, using their brain. Class agrees on sum. count/double check. Students share how they came up with the correct sum and justify it.

-PowerPoint: What Does Not Belong?

-Students will share which item does not belong and justify why. There can be more than 1 correct answer.

-What do you notice? Place some blue magnetic circle and some green ones on the board in separate locations. Students will discuss what they notice.

Number Talk Questioning: What do you see? How do you see it?


Math Fun:


Introduction to Graphs


Brainpopjr: Pictographs

-Tally Charts and Bar Graphs


Read Caps for Sale


Hand students a hat and have them graph by color.

-Math by Myself:

Jelly Bean Graphing

-Problem Solving:

-Math with Someone Options:

-Teen Numbers Practice

-Create a Counting by Tens Headband using a sentence strip

-Measuring Eggs Practice using unifix cubes

-Add and Cover

Graphing (students go around and conduct a survey):


–Flower Domino Sum Game

-Coin Sorting:

Bring in a jar of spare change and allow kiddos to sort it.

-Domino Sum Graphs

-Allow students to create a coin book and make coin rubbings.

Writer’s Workshop Activities:

-Continue animal research projects:

Pick an animal; KWL chart

*Use PebbleGo, Facts4Me, or Brainpop as a resource.

-we will learn about habitats, where the animal lives, its diet, etc…

-Here is an example of the final product:

-Model completing story map page using story cube dice app


Then give each student a story map paper and

each table an ipad to roll the story cube dice and record onto their story maps

-Continue write B/M/E stories

-Continue setting writing goals.

-Continue using writing reference folders as a resource

-use writing rubrics to check over stories

Social Studies/Science:

-Grow a bean in a baggie experiment

-Complete Leprechaun Traps

FUN FRIDAY: Jelly bean Experiment using water


This week is going to be AWESOME!

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