Plans March 4th-8th

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I can not believe there is only one more week until spring break! This year is flying by.

Last week, we began a class research project over Koalas and had a great time learning about nonfiction text features. We will continue research on animals after spring break!

This week, we will be focusing on Dr. Seuss! We have so many fun things planned.


Tuesday: Please have your child wear silly socks.

Wednesday: Please have your child wear clothing with pockets.

Here’s a look into what we have planned this week:

Morning Activities:

-Journal: Draw a picture of your home and write a sentence about it. My home is brown. My home has 3 bedrooms, etc. (sight word: home)

-Journal: Draw two animals, one little and one big, write sentence beside each animal. I am not little. I am little. (sight word: not)

-Dr. Seuss Word Family Hat (-at words)

-Create a creature to make a Wocket in my Pocket class book

-Sight Word/Number Bingo

-Sight word dance and write

Play music, students dance, when music stops call out a sight word and they write it in their journal or on a whiteboard as quickly as possible

Sight Words:

Review: home, not

-Letters: Review letters: Rr, Ss

-Numbers: Review numbers 0-20

Continue practicing counting to 100 by 1s and 10s

I Love You Ritual: Mr. Sun

Morning Messages: digraphs, blends, creating quantities on ten frames, missing endings. 

Phonics Skills:

  • Review Long U

  • Review Sounds of Y Poster

  • Dr. Suess Word Family Poster

    (-at, -op, and -am)




Busy Bee Center Rotations (See literacy stations blog post for more details of the centers that we will be doing this week)

Interactive Writing:


Oh The Places You’ll Go!

I want to be a…

Class book, use silly creatures students designed this morning and put pages of class book on smart board, class will help write the words, take a picture of student using preposition words with their creature (Wocket in my Pocket)


Reading Skills: adding -s and -es to make plurals, prepositions, making connections to texts read aloud


Read Green Eggs and Ham


Read Fox in Socks


Graph: Are you wearing silly socks today?

Read There is A Wocket in My Pocket


review prepositional words. Use this anchor to go with:

Graph how many pockets you are wearing.

Read: And to Think That I saw it on Mulberry Street


*Make class book: And to think that I saw it on White Oak Road.

Feeling Buddies:

Connecting With Others

To learn connecting strategies as tools for turning your thinking brain on in preparation to return to class and manage challenges differently

Sing #14 Important Messages

Discuss the feelings messages in the song.

Review steps for getting ahold of our feelings instead of our feelings getting ahold of us.

Tell Shubert story and discuss what would help Shubert get ahold of his feelings.

*Practice Breathing Arms with I Love You Ritual Partner and add that as a breathing strategy.

*Practice Story Hand with partner

*Practice Wonderful Woman I Love You Ritual

*Practice Bye Bye Crankies Ritual

Sing Important Messages #14

Math Skills: K.3(B) solve word problems using objects and drawings to find sums and differences up to 10

Number Corner:

-Calendar, months of the year, days of the week, counting forward/backwards and by tens, 1 more/1 less, days in school, Ways to Show a Number, etc…


Number Talks:

-I have _____. I wish I had ______.

-Addition Number Sentence

-Dot Cards


Number Talk Questioning: What do you see? How do you see it?


Math Activities:

Sing/Read the Book, Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?


Model subtraction using a big jar work mat and some “cookies.” As one child takes away cookies, the class writes the equation on white boards.


-Graph: Do you like Green Eggs?

-Lesson: Read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish


Then have the students sort their different colored goldfish and graph them:

*Put students into small groups. Give them a THING number. Each group has to come up with all of the ways to make that number on their chart paper.



MIMIO Addition Options:


MIMIO: Crayon Math

Make up your own problem.


-Math by Myself/Someone Options:

Clear the Deck


-Review addition and subtraction with this game. Children work in pairs and split one game board. Each child starts with 10 cubes on their ten frame. They roll a +/- 1,2, or 3 dice to determine how many cubes to add or subtract from their side. The first to “clear their deck” wins!


-Play Doh Subtraction Smash



-Pete the Cat Subtraction w/buttons

using large class number line, play Race to Ten or Race to 20 together by hopping to the numbers. Then, record #s on work mats.

-Piggy Bank Addition


-Use the duck subtraction page to create subtraction problems using duck magnets.

-Any Math Centers Introduced

-Math in Writing:

Writer’s Workshop Activities:

Prediction: Will you like Green Eggs and Ham

Make Green Eggs and Ham,

Write about how we made them and/or how they taste.

-Finish class book, and to Think That I Saw it on White Oak Rd.

-Continue writing letters. Reference letter song and anchor chart.

-Finish: Model completing story map page using story cube dice app

Then give each student a story map paper and

each table an ipad to roll the story cube dice and record onto their story maps

-Continue B/M/E story writing

-Set writing goals

-Use writing rubrics when finished to check writing.

Writing Anchors:

Social Studies/Science:

-Stem cup stacking

-Coffee Filter Art/Science Experiment





This week is going to be Seuss-tastic! !


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