Lesson Plans for February 4th-8th

Yesterday was such a pretty day! I know my family enjoyed it! I hope you all did too! We had a great time this past week celebrating the 100th day of school and visiting with Granny Stagner! The kiddos had fun playing with snow dough for Fun Friday as well!

I am so, very proud of my sweet students. They are all working so hard in their reading, writing and math!

We have a lot of fun things planned for this week. I will also be testing the kiddos for the TPRI (Texas Public Reading Inventory) closer to the end of the week.

Here’s a little peek at what we have in store:

Morning Activities:

-Read it, Write it, Stamp it

-The Hearts Emergent Reader (new word: are)

-Fluency Find It Game

-Journal: What is that? That is a ______. (sight words: what/that)

-Sight Word Bingo

Sight Words:

-are, what

-Letters: Review: Review all

-Numbers: Review numbers 0-20

I Love You Ritual: Song Selctor’s Choice

*Their favorite one right now is Here’s the Bunny

Morning Messages:

  • ending digraphs, long a sounds, same/1 more/1 less
  • stretch and write, create quantities using ten frames, what can make a shadow
  • digraph practice, number bonds, fluency
  • match the picture to the correct word, missing words, addends

Phonics Skills: Review Long Aa and Long Ee. Introduce Long Ii.


-Happy Birthday:

(sight word: are)


(Sight word review)


*We locate capital letters, punctuation, rhyming words, sight words, digraphs, blends, long/short vowels and match sight words/letters, change words to different/similar words, etc…


Busy Bee Center Rotations (See literacy stations blog post for more details of the centers that we will be doing this week)


Interactive Writing:

-Finish writing using the word with: I want pizza with pepperonis.

-I Like hearts

-How to Make a Heart


Reading Skills: retelling, establish a purpose for reading, make inferences to support understanding

Reading Activities:

  • Read Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch

Talk about how special Mr. Hatch felt when he received the special package and also at the end when his neighbors surprised him.

Activity: Make a surprise valentine for a special person in our school and deliver them.

-Read Olive My Love and create a B/M/E foldable

-Read There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose

-Retell the story:

Math Skills: solve word problems using objects and drawings to find sums up to 10 and modeling the action of joining to represent addition. Explain strategies used to solve word problems


Number Corner:

-Calendar, months of the year, days of the week, counting forward/backwards and by tens, 1 more/1 less, days in school, Ways to Show a Number:


Number Talks:

-Number Strings

-Addition Number Sentence

-Dot Cards



-Math by Myself Options:

-Domino Addition


-Problem Solving:

Read it, Draw it, Solve it!

-Math with Someone Options:

-Valentine Adding

-sums using dominoes

-practice teen numbers by covering up the ones place with a number


Quick Math

Solve the problem as quickly as possible and erase it!

-Snowball Addition

-Spin and Cover 2D and 3D Shapes

-Tic Tac Teen

-Penny Toss

-Shake and Spill

-Use magnetic shapes or pattern blocks to create new shapes


-Piggy Bank Addition

-Math in Writing:
Read The Mission of Addition

Discuss addition  vocabulary and use your bodies to act it out (use arms to make plus and equals signs, swing arms around in a big circle to show “how many in all,” hold up two fingers on each hand and slide them together for “add”). Show the children how to model addition stories using bears and how to write an equation to go with it.  Then give each child bear counters and a work mat.

Tell addition stories for them to solve. For example, 2 bears were at the park, then 3 more bears came. How many bears were there in all? The children will use bears and story mats to solve the problems, then write the addition sentences on their whiteboards.

Writer’s Workshop Activities:

Read Click, Clack, Moo

Introduce Writing a Letter Anchor Chart and talk about Wee Deliver Writing

-Watch the story: Dear Mr. Blueberry

Parts of a letter song


Refer to anchor chart from yesterday while singing song

-Write a letter to someone in the school

-Create Class Book: We are Kind

-Capital Letter Song

-Continue write B/M/E stories

Writing Anchors:

-Continue using writing reference folders as a resource

Feeling Buddies:

Turn on My Thinking Brain

To learn how to turn on your thinking brain by writing or drawing about emotional situations

*label a box “safe place case”

*place a journal, loose paper, pencils, markers, crayons to your safeplace case

*Sing Feeling Buddies Rap #7

*Review the whisper messages of feelings:as you hold up each buddy

*angry – i’m saying make a change

*sad – i am saying seek comfort

*scared – safety is what i need

*happy – help a friend and have fun

When we get lost in a feeling, we can’t hear its whisper message. Our thinking brains turn off and we may do or say hurtful things. We can only listen to the messages after we calm down. That is why they are called whisper messages. We have to be relaxed and calm to hear them.

Learn about step 4: I Choose (turn on your thinking brain)

Have a child act out steps 1-4

To turn on your thinking brain at the safe place you may choose to draw about what happened or write about it.

Have children practice writing or drawing about a time their feelings got ahold of them. Allow share time if time permits.

Sing Feeling Buddies Rap #7

Social Studies/Science:

-Reference Groundhog Day Prediction Graph

discuss if the groundhog saw his shadow/make observations of graph

-Responsibility Magazine Activity

-Discuss what love is and create Love is…. class book

FUN FRIDAY: Shadow Tracing outside using chalk, if weather permits!

This week is going to be HEART-tastic!

More Pictures

Champ Award Winners

Snow Dough

Sight Words with Play Doh

Long a words using ai

We predicted where we would be if we took 100 steps. Then, the kiddos traced their foot, took 100 steps and taped their foot on the wall where they landed. We found out that some people predicted correctly and others were way off. It was so fun! We will finish this activity with two more groups this next week!