Pictures :)

Last week was so much fun! We enjoyed learning by making a Gingerbread Man Story Map, adding with marshmallows, and making fun snowmen ornaments to name a few things!

Please be sure to send in your  Penny Christmas gifts for our class by Tuesday!

Enjoy the pictures!

The kiddos used magnetic letters to create some of their friends names. They then rearranged the letters to create different words out of the child’s name.

Hot Cocoa addition game with marshmallows. Of course, the kiddos to eat their marshmallows when their game was over!

Math Time

We learned a new game called Tenzi this week in math! It is so much fun, even for me!

We read the book An Elf for Christmas. Then, made elf ornaments with our faces on them!

Sometimes, we practice reading using whisper phones. It helps the kiddos listen to themselves and track if they are reading like a robot or reading like we talk!


We made B/M/E foldables after read Olive the Other Reindeer

morning message

Directed Elf Drawing…The kiddos labeled their elves and wrote about it afterwards.

Our class Gingerbread Man Story Map

In our Technology Station this week, the kiddos got to work with the app called chatterpix. They draw a picture, then draw a mouth on their illustration. From there, they can record a story about their picture. It was a lot of fun for them.

Sight Word Memory Game

Fishing for Sight Words