The Gingerbread Man!

The kiddos had SO much fun having the Gingerbread Man come to our school! They read along with the story teller as she read the repeating lines: “Run, Run as fast as you can! You can’t catch me. I’m the gingerbread man!” Afterwards, each kiddo got a gingerbread cookie and a coupon for a free trip to the WOW museum!

We have lots of fun gingerbread themed activities to continue into this week! We will create gingerbread men using large brown paper and chart the story elements (characters, setting, problem, solution) in groups and graph our first bite after eating a delicious gingerbread cookie! The kiddos will also get to use gingerbread men stickers to create their own story problems in math and, of course, we HAVE to make gingerbread playdough!!! I can’t wait to get this week started!