Weekly Learning:

Good morning! I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday! I was out for a few days this past week, and can’t wait to get started back with my sweet class! I am missing them all so much!

Here is a look into our upcoming week:

Morning Activities:

-Journals: Community Helper Writing Ex. He/She is a _____.

-Journals: Favorite Weather: Incorporate sight word it. Example: It is rainy.

-Make Word Family Houses

-Make Christmas Cards (using sentence frames and writing reference folders)

-Teen Number Bingo

Sight Words:

Introduce: and, for, it Review: he/she

-Letters: Review: Zz, Yy, Vv

-Numbers: Teen Numbers

I Love You Ritual: Jack Be Noodle and Hot Cross Buns

Morning Message:

-Read it Right!

-Chit Chat with -sh digraph

-Fill in missing letters to get mystery message

-Delete Final Phoneme Practice

-Rhyme Away!

Reading Anchors:

-What is an inference/inferring song?

-What’s in Mrs. Stagner’s Bag (inferencing game)

-Review: Story Elements and Let’s Retell

Read Alouds:

Gingerbread Baby, Gingerbread Christmas, Gingerbread Man,

Snowmen at Christmas, There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Bell

*Reading Skill: Inferencing, Charting Story Elements, Describing Characters, Sequencing


-In groups, create a Gingerbread Man story element chart

-Sequence Gingerbread Christmas

-Create a B/M/E foldable over Snowmen at Christmas

-Sequence There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Bell


Gingerbread Man, Peppermint Stick, Little Pine Tree

*We locate capital letters, punctuation, rhyming words, sight words, and match sight words/letters, change words such as look to other words etc…


Busy Bee Center Rotations (See literacy stations blog post for more details of the centers that we will be doing this week)


Interactive Writing:

-Finish: How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

-Writing using My Five Senses at Christmas

-Creating story maps in groups over The Gingerbread Man

Writer’s Workshop Activities:

-Finish books (title page, think, draw, label, write…add pages, the end page)/Author’s Chair/Share

-Finish: I can Label a Christmas Tree

-I can Label a Reindeer:

-Mini Lesson using anchor Charts:

-Review how to use writing folder for finished/unfinished work

Feeling Buddies:

Feeling Buddies

Making Friends with my buddies, students learn how to accept our emotional states instead of pushing them away

Partners – one person pretend to be the angry feeling buddy and other is child singing the song, sing anger got ahold of me #1

Sometimes when something bugs us, we fight with the other person instead of helping our angry feeling buddy first, and then solving our problem with our friend second.

Repeat with sadness got ahold of me song #22

Sometimes when we feel sad, we push others away instead of helping our sad feeling buddy first so we can receive comfort from our friends or teacher.

Extension: From hurtful words to helpful words, discuss common classroom situations/problems, list hurtful words they might say when anger gets ahold of them. Then write helpful words they might say when they calm down and are able to engage the thinking part of their brains.

Math: Reviewing math skills and incorporating shapes/comparing numbers

Number Corner:

-Calendar, months of the year, days of the week, counting forward/backwards and by tens, 1 more/1 less, days in school

Number Talks:

-Number Strings

-Dot Cards


-Fluency Find It Game #s through 20

Problem Solving (math in writing): Creating individual math story problems using Christmas Stickers and Storyboards

-Math by Myself Options:

Finish: Inventory Bags: Come up with quantity and show how you counted it on paper. Show it in different ways.

-Math with Someone Options:

-Number Line Partner Game (What Number is Missing?)

-sort 2D and 3D shapes by shape, color, etc…

-make shapes with geoboards

-any number sense games taught

-Any Shape Games

-Counting w/Play Doh

-Large #line game

-Magnetic Number Game

-Subitizing puzzles

-any measurement game taught

-race to 10 or 20

-Roll and Record

-Race to Ten/Twenty


New Games:

-comparing, adding with marshmallows, number order, Christmas spin & graph

Math Fun: Creating Christmas Trees using shapes:

-First Bite Gingerbread Graph:

-Subitizing: Pass the Plate Game

Math Anchors:

Social Studies/Science: Wants/Needs and Experiments

Brainpopjr: Solids, Liquids, and Gases

Create Snowman glue Ornaments on wax paper.

Discuss how the glue is a liquid and how it will turn into a solid overnight. Turn it into a Christmas Ornament.

  • Candycane Experiment:
  • Discuss needs and wants. Sing song. Needs/Wants interactive magazines.
  • Sink or Float Activity:
  • Begin creating bread ornaments

FUN FRIDAY: make Gingerbread Playdough!!!! This is one of my most favorite types to make! It smells amazing!

I can’t wait to get this fun, busy week started!


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