Thanksgiving Pictures :)

We all had a blast the last week before Thanksgiving break! We made indian hats, friendship bracelets that went along with the first Thanksgiving story, and made a delicious blessing mix! We all have so much to be thankful for and I hope you all had a nice, relaxing break! Enjoy the pictures.

We made a B/M/E (beginning, middle, and end) foldable over the story Bear Says Thanks.

Our newest I Love You Ritual: Wonderful Woman

word family practice

Center Work: Read it, Build it, Write it

A Turkey for Thanksgiving was such a CUTE story. After we read it, we sequenced it.

I showed the kiddos 3 dot cards, arranged differently. First, they had to come up with the fact that there were 5 dots on each card. Then, I made them justify or prove how they all had five. I have some little thinkers this year!

This was probably are most fun project for the kids. They got to start writing their own books. Some worked in partners and others alone. They made cover pages and everything! I was impressed!

This sight word game was a blast! I would play music and when it stopped, I would say a sight word. The kids had to stop dancing and write the sight word as fast as they could before the music started again. They LOVED it!

We also made 2D and 3D shapes using marshmallows and toothpicks! I may have let them eat the marshmallows after! 🙂

Indian Hats

Friendship Bracelets

Rhyme Away is such a fun game for the kiddos to practice their rhyming skills.

Our Thanksgiving Blessing Mix

Complete Cuteness



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