Week 10

I am LOVING these cooler mornings and evenings! The fall season is my most favorite time of the year! We had a GREAT time in the kinderpillar room this week. I think the kiddos most favorite thing was our reading is thinking experiment. We are always talking about how readers are always thinking/asking questions and our brains should be bubbling with thoughts. So, I put baking soda in the bottom of a large bowl and vinegar on top which caused it to bubble and sizzle. I think I was pretty popular to my students that day ;)… I sure love getting to spend my days with them!

Here is an overview of our upcoming 4 day week of learning:

Morning Activities:

-Sight Word Reader: Animals at Night, The Little Babies

-Journal: Writing sentences using sentence frame anchor chart and sight words

-Writing Reference Folders: continuing to add word wall words

-Sight word bingo

Morning Routines:

-Brain Gym

-I love you ritual: Mary Had a Little Lamb

-Well Wisher/Safe Keeper Box

-Review our general rules:

We will use watching eyes, listening ears, kind words, gentle touches, and walking feet

-Make Commitments

-Practice breathing strategies (balloon, pretzel, S.T.A.R, drain, bunny breathing, breathing arms and snake breath).

-Taking attendance: Counting around the Circle

Review Sight Words:

Review color words: red, blue, green, yellow, orange

Introduce: brown, pink, black, purple, and white

Introduce: little, in

-Letters: Dd, Vv, Pp

-Numbers: 7-8

Morning Message:

-Letter D: What starts with Dd and write capital/lowercase Dd

-Rhyming Words

-Letter P: What starts with Pp and write capital/lowercase Pp.

-Practice with syllables

-Find Bs, Ds, Ps, and Qs in the message.

Reading Anchors:

  • Review: What are Characters, what is a setting, reading is thinking, making connections
  • Review: Story Elements
  • What Good Readers Do

New: Sequencing the story: There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat:

Read Alouds:

Friends (review sight word little)

There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat

Click, Clack, Boo!

The Little Red Hen



-We will also review the 3 Ways to Read a Book and practice:

*Reading Skill: Describing Characters and discussing reasons for their actions.


One Little Bluebird

*We locate capital letters, punctuation, rhyming words, sight words, and match sight words/letters.


Busy Bee Center Rotations (See literacy stations blog post for more details of the centers that we will be doing this week)


Interactive Writing:

Finish: *Write Dr. Jean song: Little Red Box (leave out the words little and in. Have students write little and in on index card. Call students up to complete poem with words little and in, when you pull their picture out of the box.

I wish I had a little red box to put (child’s name) in.

I’d take him/her out and (hug, hug, hug) and put him/her back again!

New: Class, Class What Do You See? Class Book

New: Boo! Class Book


*We also focus on fundamentals such as starting sentences with a capital letter, finger spacing between words, puntuation, etc..


Review Writing Anchors: What Gets a Capital?

-What Writer’s Do:

-Sentence Frames

New Anchors: I can draw a 3 star picture:

New: I can tell a story:

Writer’s Workshop Activities:

-Why do writers write?

-Use inspiration pages and heart maps to get ideas for story and begin writing.

-Use sentence frame poster to get ideas of what to write about.

-Sticker Stories

Feeling Buddies:

Feeling Buddies

Pg. 64 Draining and Ballooning

To learn calming self-regulatory strategies

Sing #13 I have made some new friends

Have a helper hold up each feeling buddy as it is named in the song.

Discuss what happens when a feeling gets ahold of us (shake bottle)

Angry=we may hit

scared=we may run away

disappointed=we may pout and whine

frustrated=we may throw things

Breathing helps our insides calm down

Read sophie is a STAR, practice draining and ballooning

Blow up a real balloon then let it go to demonstrate how air fills balloon and is released just like when we exhale

Sing #4 bye bye buddies

Have students complete Sophie is a STAR reproducible



Number Corner:

-Calendar, months of the year, days of the week, counting forward/backwards and by tens, 1 more/1 less, days in school


Number Talks:


-Make 1 more or 1 less of number rolled

-Dot Cards

Problem Solving:

Experimenting with 3D shapes:

Math Fun:

New Games:

-Math by Myself Options:

Finish: Pumpkin Seeds Match Number to Dots

New: In the Bag:

Extra: Math Center


-Math with Someone Options:

-sort 2D and 3D shapes by shape, color, etc…

-make shapes with geoboards

-any number sense games taught

-spider toss

-any Halloween math games

-Any Shape Games

-Counting w/Play Doh

-QR Code Math

-Large #line game

-Magnetic Number Game

-Subitizing puzzles

-any measurement game taught

-race to 10 or 20

-Roll and Record

Review Games: Race to Ten and Race to Twenty

Math in Writing:

Journaling: Number Six Number Map


Social Studies/Science: Bats

-What do we wonder about bats?

-Label parts of a bat:

-Bats: Can, Have, Are

-Bats -at word family:

-Bats: What we learned:


Penmanship: Dd, Vv, Pp


and Numbers 7-8


Fun Thursday: Graph 3D shapes the kiddos have brought in. Then design a haunted house using the shapes.


We are going to have a Spook-tacular week! 🙂


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