Week 8 Pictures

A sweet 2nd grader who I was blessed to teach in kinder came to read to our class!

Guided Reading Fun

Interactive Writing


Color Word Songs


Number of the Day

A peek into center activities!

We read It’s Pumpkin Day Mouse and discussed the different emotions of the pumpkins.

In our Feeling Buddies lesson, we practiced being a S.T.A.R. (stop, take a deep breath, and relax). Then we practiced belly breathing by breathing in through a flower (inhale) and blowing out a non-lit candle (exhale).


Humpty Dumpty I Love You Ritual



Week 9 Learning

Happy Homecoming weekend! Yesterday was so fun getting to see all of the kiddos wear their mums and garters! I know everyone, especially the sweet kiddos, are going to enjoy the parade this morning! I will be there with my family!

Here is a glance into our upcoming week of learning:

Morning Activities:

-Sight Word Reader: Fall, Fall, What Do You See?

-Journal: Writing sentences using color words and Halloween stickers.

-Writing Reference Folders: Use word wall and write sight words (continue)

-Sight word bingo

Morning Routines:

-Brain Gym

-I love you ritual: Dancing Hands

-Well Wisher/Safe Keeper Box

-Review our general rules:

We will use watching eyes, listening ears, kind words, gentle touches, and walking feet

-Make Commitments

-Practice breathing strategies (balloon, pretzel, S.T.A.R, drain, bunny breathing, breathing arms and snake breath).

-New Sight Words:

Review color words: red, blue, green, yellow, orange

Introduce: brown, pink, black, purple, and white

Introduce: little, in

-Letters: Dd, Pp, Hh

-Numbers: 5

Morning Message:

-Message with missing beginning sounds

-What numbers are missing?

-What starts with Hh? Practice writing an uppercase/lowercase Hh.

-Stretching out CVC words

-Find Bs, Ds, Ps, and Qs in the message.

Reading Anchors:

  • Review: What are Characters, what is a setting, reading is thinking, making connections
  • New: Story Elements

  • What Good Readers Do

Read Alouds:

Friends (review sight word little)

Yuck Soup

Review Brown, Bear, Brown Bear (review color words)

Clifford’s Halloween (discuss story elements: characters, main character, setting, problem, solution)

The Day the Crayons Quit

Pete the Cat Shoes

-We will also review the 3 Ways to Read a Book and practice:

*Reading Experiment: Reading is Thinking using baking soda and vinegar


Rainbow Hair

One Little Bluebird

brown, black, pink, purple and white color poems/songs

*We locate capital letters, punctuation, rhyming words, sight words, and match sight words/letters.


Busy Bee Center Rotations (See literacy stations blog post for more details of the centers that we will be doing this week)


Interactive Writing:

  • Finish using our Five Senses to create a class book.
  • Example: Jaxon can see a shark.

*Pete the Cat: I love my ________ shoes. (kiddos will write color words)*

*Write Dr. Jean song: Little Red Box (leave out the words little and in. Have students write little and in on index card. Call students up to complete poem with words little and in, when you pull their picture out of the box.

I wish I had a little red box to put (child’s name) in.

I’d take him/her out and (hug, hug, hug) and put him/her back again!


*We also focus on fundamentals such as starting sentences with a capital letter, finger spacing between words, puntuation, etc..


Review Writing Anchors: What Gets a Capital?

-What Writer’s Do:

-Review: Some letters are tall, small and fall

-Sentence Frames

Writer’s Workshop Activities:

-How do author’s get ideas?

Reference Fall/Halloween word bank

-Use sentence frames to help us write

-What is a writer?

-We Write About Things We know and Love! (reference)

-I can draw/color a 3 Star picture

-continue modeling writing about personal experiences

-Begin writing using heart maps and begin Author’s Chair (share time)

-Writing using Halloween and Fall stickers

Feeling Buddies:

Tuesday: Feeling Buddies

Belly Breathing

Sing Breathe #2

Discuss when a feeling gets ahold of you, 1st step is go to the safe place, then step #2 is to choose a way to calm down (breathing or calm down choice)

Today we are going to talk about belly breathing.

Put hands on bellies close to belly button, inhale through nose while belly goes out and exhale through mouth and belly goies in

Pass out a small book for each child to use have student lay on floor in circle with feet out, place book on belly, then practice breathing so book rises up and down

Sing breathe #2

Create anchor chart

Have students create their own star wand to help them remember to be a STAR

Star cut out, popcicle stick (finishing this lesson)




Number Corner:

-Calendar, months of the year, days of the week, counting forward/backwards and by tens, 1 more/1 less, days in school


Number Talks:


What Does Not Belong?

Break It! (subtraction practice)

Dot Cards: Peek and Build

*We will continue to practice hand signals and use number talk vocabulary

Problem Solving:

students will glue on paper and draw out the problem to find the sum.

Math Fun:

-Continue incorporating The Counting Jar (counting items in a jar in 2 different ways and then creating that quantity using other items)


-Math by Myself Options:

Pumpkin Seeds Match Number to Dots

Extra: Math Center


-Math with Someone Options:

-sort 2D and 3D shapes by shape, color, etc…

-make shapes with geoboards

-any number sense games taught

-spider toss

-any Halloween math games

-Any Shape Games

-Counting w/Play Doh

-QR Code Math

-Large #line game

-Magnetic Number Game

-Subitizing puzzles

-any measurement game taught

-race to 10 or 20

-Roll and Record

Finish: My foot is this long (measuring using square tiles)


Review Games: Race to Ten and Race to Twenty

Math in Writing:

Journaling: Finish How Many Apples Tall are You? And Ten Frames


Social Studies/Science: Pumpkins

-Life Cycle of a Pumpkin

-Label Parts of a Pumpkin

-Pumpkin Facts



and Number 5

Fun Friday: We will complete the Reading is Thinking Experiment with baking soda and vinegar!

We are going to have an AMAZING week! 🙂