Great Times in Kinder

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

What a FABULOUS week in kindergarten we had this last week. We have made a lot of progress in learning how to rotate to our literacy stations as well as math stations. I feel so spoiled because the kiddos are so, very sweet and willing to practice anything I ask them to do. I am truly one blessed teacher. We will begin bringing home our book bags and reading logs this coming week! Here are some pictures from our week together. I hope you enjoy them!

Rhyming Practice

We learned a new I Love You Ritual this week called, Row, Row, Row

Morning Message incorporating the letter Cc

We did an apple experiment where we sliced an apple and then put each slice into a jar. After that, the kiddos poured different items into the jars. We used baking soda, water, lemon juice, milk, air, and vinegar. We let them sit all day and then charted our results. We learned that all of the apples had turned brown or started rotting except for the apple slices that were in the milk and lemon juice. This then led into a conversation about ascorbic acid (vitamin C). It was a fun learning experience for all!


We learned a new math game called Number Sense Memory.


One of my past students, who is a BIG 2nd grader now, came to read to us! The kiddos LOVEd it and I was super proud of her fror using such great expression!

Our applesauce recipe included apples, water, cinnamon and a little bit of sugar! It was delicious!

Applesauce! The kiddos did a great job helping! Mrs. Edwards class came over and helped/enjoyed it with us!

Our New, Sweet friend 🙂

Fun in the Sun!

Apple Tasting
We all tasted a slice of a green, yellow and red apple. First, we predicted which one we thought would taste the best. Then, we voted which one we actually liked the best.

Does an Apple Sink or Float? We made our predictions and then tested it out. We learned that they do float.


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