Kinder Learning Fun

Does your name have an L in it?

Making Behavior Committments

Every morning we count around our circle to take attendance. This week, we added in using our attendance stick. The kiddos count how many are present and double check by creating a stick made from connecting cubes. We then chart how many kiddos are here/not here.

Creating how many kiddos are here using ten frames.

We cut out letters from magazines and created an alphabet poster.

Name Art!

Each week, we recite poems and practice finding sight words, rhyming words, word parts, capital letters, punctuation, etc…

We also have poetry journals. The kiddos glue their poem of the week in the journal and highlight the same things that we locate in our big poems.


The kiddos LOVE our magnetic sensory bottle! They all take turns playing with it throughout the day. I even like playing with it! Ha!

Our class mascot winner for the weekend!

For Fun Friday, we made orange cloud dough! It was super cool!

Interactive Writing

I have the sweetest kiddos this year! All of the them try to be super helpful to not just me, but their friends!

Math Sorting

Letter Puzzles

We learned a new I Love You Ritual song this week, Georgie Porgie. The kiddos LOVE doing them and it gives them a positive start to their day!

Technology Center

My lunch date on Thursday! I love when kiddos pick the eat with the teacher coupon! It’s so fun to sit and talk with them one on one!

more center fun

We read The Shape of things and then used shapes to create pictures!

Sweet Friends!


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