Feeling Buddies in Action!

Thank you to our generous donor for funding our Feeling Buddies project! Our class has been borrowing the feeling buddies, and now we will have our very own class set! We are beyond excited.

The kiddos have  loved learning about managing our feelings and emotions using the Feeling Buddies Toolkit! So far we have met and learned a little about each of our 8 Feeling Buddies: Happy, Sad, Angry, Scared, Calm, Disappointed, Frustrated and Anxious. This week we will learn about the difference between angry and frustrated. We will make a class book called: Our Feeling Faces. We will also act out scenarios and practice using our breathing strategies to help us go from bug crazy mad to caterpillar calm.

We have now met all 8 buddies. They teach us about different feelings each week and how to calm/ breathe in certain situations.

We did an extension activity and thought of a time when we might have felt happy/sad/scared. We then shared our stories with the class. Afterwards, we created what our face might have looked like when we felt that emotion. Of course, we tied in a little writing by writing I am ____. 🙂

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