A Peek into our Week :)

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! I saw lots of familiar faces last night at the Monster Truck Nationals!

Here is a look into our upcoming week of learning:

Morning Activities:

-Environmental Print Book

-Journal: I am on the _______. (add picture)

-Journal: I like ______. (Use environmental print picture)

-My Apple Book

-Play Doh sight word building

-Signing in anchors (letters: Cc, Dd, Tt, and Aa)

Morning Routines:

-Brain Gym

-I love you ritual: Row, Row, Row Your Boat

-Well Wisher/Safe Keeper Box

-Review our general rules:

We will use watching eyes, listening ears, kind words, gentle touches, and walking feet

-Make Commitments

-Practice breathing strategies (balloon, pretzel, S.T.A.R, drain, bunny breathing, breathing arms)

-New Sight Words: the, on

We will review I, can, am and like from previous weeks and start writing the words in elkonin boxes

Morning Message:

-Letter Monster

-Chit-Chat Messages using letters Cc, Dd, Tt, and Aa

Read Alouds:

Frog Food

My Home

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Apples

Mouse Count

-We will also review the 3 Ways to Read a Book and practice:




Apples, Apples

I Like School

I am

*We locate capital letters, punctuation, rhyming words, sight words, and match sight words/letters.



We will begin using our center folders to rotate centers. We will practice a lot to get ready for next week (when we start bringing home our book bags and reading logs!!).


Interactive Writing:

-Recalling sight words from books Frog Food and My Home. Then writing about something they like. Example: I like sprinkles on my cupcake.

-Continue writing using environmental print

-Apple writing using positional words. Example: The apple is on the tree.

*We also focus on fundamentals such as starting sentences with a capital letter, finger spacing between words, puntuation, etc..


Writing Anchor: What Gets a Capital?

Feeling Buddies:

The kiddos have loved learning about managing our feelings and emotions using the Feeling Buddies Toolkit! So far we have met and learned a little about each of our 8 Feeling Buddies: Happy, Sad, Angry, Scared, Calm, Disappointed, Frustrated and Anxious. This week we will learn about the difference between angry and frustrated. We will make a class book called: Our Feeling Faces. We will also act out scenarios and practice using our breathing strategies to help us go from bug crazy mad to caterpillar calm.


Number Corner:

-Calendar, months of the year, days of the week, counting forward/backwards and by tens, 1 more/1 less, days in school

Number Talks:

Ten Frame


Dot Cards

Connecting Cubes

*We will continue to practice hand signals and use number talk vocabulary

Math Fun:

-Comple The Shape of Things Activity

-Counting Strategies Anchor

-Begin The Counting Jar (counting items in a jar in 2 different ways and then creating that quantity using other items)

-Introduce Math Rotation (Math by Myself, Math with Someone, Math in Writing (journal), Math in Technology, and Meet with Teacher

-Begin Math Journals

-New Game: Number Sense Memory

-Subitizing Cards Practice

Math Rotation Game Options:

-Apple Race

-Apple Counting Circles

-Magnetic pop. Sticks

-Bug Sorting # Puzzles

-# puzzles

Someone Options:

-Egg Carton Math

-Math Pocket Chart

-Magnetic numbers/objects

-# Tracing

-Number Cookie Sheet

-How many apples tall are you


Writer’s Workshop/Social Studies:

-Decorate our Writer Pages for our Writing Folder Covers

-How I Put Myself Together Class Book (what breathing/calming strategy will you use?)

-Share Student of the Week and Class Mascot

-Apple Tasting/Graph

-Apple Experiment using jars

-Apple Senses Anchor

-Will an Apple Sink or Float?

-Apple STEM: Create Apple Towers

-Jumping Apple Seeds Experiment

-Apple Star

-Label Apple Parts


Introducing Cc, Dd, Tt, and Aa and teacing the appropriate strokes to create the letters. We will also continue to work on proper grip using a pencil.

Fun Friday:

Make Applesauce and learn about the apple tree life cycle. 


We are going to have an APPLE-ful week! 🙂


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