Learning, Zoo Trip and Butterflies!!!

We have had so much fun graphing! This week we graphed our favorite color, eye colors and our hair color! The kiddos write their observations of the data on a post-it and put it on our graph. Next week, we will be creating our own surveys and using the data to make our own graphs using whatever supplies we desire! 

Ready for the ZOO!!!

Everyone was so excited once we got to the zoo!

Feeding the giraffes

Headed home after a GREAT time seeing lots of cool animals!

Almost everyone was super tired!!!

Fluency Find It! Word Families

Fluency Find It! Middle Vowels

We learned a new game called Tenzi! The kiddos loved it!

Domino War

Coin Sorting

Three of our butterflies emerged from their chrysalis on Friday! It was VERY neat to see. We are hoping to see the final two on Monday!


Creating words with legos

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