Week 31 Learning/Notes

Hey Everyone!


*Tuesday will be an exciting day as we will head to the zoo! Please check your child’s folder for an informational note about the trip!

*All classes have been practicing extra hard for our upcoming Grandparent’s Day performance. It is going to be so cute! Please remember to send $10 for a shirt and addressed/stamped envelopes for the invitations!

*State Testing is this week, so our sweet kiddos will have to be extra quiet on Wednesday. We will have recess on the track and silent lunch that day.

*Spring pictures were sent home on Friday. The directions on how to purchase them are on the back.

*Spelling Tests will be sent home on Monday to sign and return. Sight Word List #4 is: Review: is, me, it, like, little First Grade: she, many

Here is an outline of our week!

Morning Activities:

-Finish Goldilocks and the Three Bears Book

-Journal Writing (using words: is, it, like, little, and me and First Grade words: she, many) smallest to largest

-Sight Word Tic Tac Toe

-Find It Fluency (Word Families/Mixed Numbers)

Morning Message:

Monday-Friday: Daily Star Student

*Share something with the class and write a sentence about what was said. Find letters, digraphs, blends in sentence. Fix mistakes (capitals, spacing, punctuation)

Class Routines During Calendar:

Students will write the teen numbers in the air with their finger.

-Pair kiddos up. Each students will take turns drawing a teen number on the other partner’s back. The student must say the number that is being drawn on their back.

-Use whiteboards to write teen numbers and teen number words

-Domino War

Interactive Writing:

-Finish Large Fairy Tale Story Maps

-Acrostic Poetry Writing (First and Last Names)

-Proceduarl Texts: Procedures for making Porridge


-Move pencils to make individual writing goals for the week.

-Model Writing a B/M/E story about a special memory with grandparents.

-Students begin their special grandparent stories

-Creat class book about our trip to the zoo!

-Students will use their writing rubric to check/edit their writing for capitalization, punctuation, good spaces, B/M/E etc…

Writing Anchors: New: Procedural Texts, Review: Work on Writing, Writing Checklist Writers Don’t Say….., Punctuation

Reading Focus: Reviewing the elements of a fairy tale, retelling fairy tales (This week we will continue our focus on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Later in the week, we will move on to The Three Billy Goats Gruff), Reading is Thinking (discovering the difference between thin and thick questions)

Reading Anchors: Fairy Tales Have…., Setting of Goldilocks

Shared Reading: Goldilocks and the Three Librarians, Dustylocks and the Three Bears, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Nonfiction plant books, Plant/Butterfly Books

Phonics Skills: cvc words (cvc strips with middle/ending sounds missing) cvc words using elkonin boxes and magnetic letters, differentiating certain letters by playing quick as you can, adding s/es to show more than one, digraphs (ch, sh, th, wh) and blends

Poems: Rain

Things we focus on with our weekly poems:

-Rhyming Words

-Capital Letters


-Sight Words

-Fluency (reading smoothly, not like a robot, and sounding like we talk)

-Matching Words

-Word Chunks etc…

Math Focus: Identifying U.S. Coins (penny, nickel, dime, quarter) and using data or information to create a graph, reviewing measurement

Number Talks:

-Rekenreks: creating combinations of 16

-Dot Cards (what do you see? How do you see it?)

-Creating number sentences using a ladybug

Problem Solving/Journals:

-Read it, Draw it, Solve it! (subtraction problem)

Math Activities/Options:

-Graphing Hair Color/Observations

-Graphing Eye Color/Observations

-How Tall am I using yarn/picture

-Measuring Shoes using Square Tiles

-Connect Four Addition

Continuing Centers:

-Goldilocks Roll and Record (teen numbers/use teddy grahams)

-Create a bar graph over favorite colors (bringing in color words)

-Making numbers in tally marks using pretzel sticks

-Students conduct a survey of choice, then create their graph using legos

-Coin Identification Bingo

-Finish Domino Sum Graphing

-Coin Rubbings

-Counting by Tens Headband

-Add and Cover

-Egg-celent Measuring

-Creating Surveys (Do you like to eat Easter eggs?/Do you like jelly beans?)

-Coin Sorting

-QR Code ten frames and addition

-Any math games introduced

Science/Social Studies:

Focus: Plants/Butterfly Life Cycle

-What we Know About Butterflies

-Journaling observations of our pupas!

Fun Friday: Writing sentences with SHAVING CREAM!

**We are going to have a GRAND week! **