Learning Adventures

Sum War! Two students rolled a die. The first student to add up the pips on both dice and shout out the sum wins!

Subtraction Smash with Play-Doh

Making #s in Different Ways

Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar??? This subtraction game was so much fun! We read/sang Who Stole the Cookies from the cookie jar. Afterwards, we acted out the song. Last, we used cookie cereal to create our own subtraction situations using a cookie jar story board! Of course, the kiddos ate them when they were through!

Candy Heart Science Experiment
We predicted if candy hearts would sink/float and what we thought they would do after being submerged in water, vinegar, and coke. Afterwards, we tested it out! We learned that the candy hearts did not float in water or vinegar, but they did in the coke. The coke would fizz up and then up would pop the candy heart. It was neat to see. Once we figured out what the coke would do, EVERYONE wanted a turn, so I let them! I may have had a turn as well :)!

Letter Writing Practice



Pictures :)

Welcome to our class, sweet boy!

Pete the Cat Subtraction with buttons

We read/sang Five Little Ducks. Afterwards, we acted out subtraction situations using yellow cubes to represent the ducks and blue construction paper to represent the water. The kiddos had fun writing the subtraction equations on whiteboards as well.