Valentine’s Day!

Thank you to everyone who helped make the party so much fun!

Before the party, we predicted how many candy hearts would fit into a heart on our paper. Afterwards, we counted the actual number of hearts that would fit!

The kiddos also graphed how many candy hearts of each color they had.

Party Time! I didn’t get many pictures of the actual party because I was in charge of the photo booth station. The kids had a BLAST though! 

The Tale of Peter Rabbit Subtraction

We read The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Afterwards, we acted out subtraction situations and pretended to be characters from the story. Several kiddos were carrots. One was Mr. McGregor and another Peter Rabbit. Mr. McGregor caught Peter Rabbit taking carrots from the garden and chased him away! We then created subtraction problems to see how many carrots were left in the garden. Of course, we had to eat some carrots for a snack afterwards!!! We had a blast!

This is Peter taking carrots from the garden before being caught by Mr. McGregor.

Peter is hiding from Mr. McGregor!

The kiddos LOVED the carrots.

What We Are Learning This Week :)

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL, LONG weekend! I am looking forward to being back with my sweet kinderpillars tomorrow!

This is what we will be learning this week:

Morning Activities:

Morning Activities and Journal Writing (practice using sight words: have, of, was)

Monday: President’s Day

Tuesday: Journal Writing: What hatches out of an egg? A ______ hatches out of an egg.

Wednesday: Last name graphing-students write last names on post-its and stick to graph

Thursday: Fluency Find It-Mixed Alphabet/Sight Word Book: When You Have a Pet…Students write “have” on each blank throughout the story

Friday: CHAMPS Assembly

*Other morning activities:

-Sight word memory

-Reader’s Theaters

-Handwriting Practice

-Word Work Games

Morning Message:

Monday: President’s Day

Tuesday: cvce words (cane, nine, cape), draw teen numbers in ten frames, what are some healthy things you can eat?

Wednesday: digraphs (sh, ch, th), how many words in a sentence, writing number sentences from number bonds, what are some things associated with teeth?

Thursday: matching words to correct picture, fill in the missing words in a sentence, completing number bonds, what are some things that are NOT healthy for your teeth?

Class Routines During Calendar:

-Youtube Quick Images Video (subitizing practice)

-Do you like milk? Yes/No (Observations)

-Game: Two students roll a die at the same time. The first person to come up with the sum of the two dice wins! Play until all kiddos have had a turn

Interactive Writing:

-Name Acrostic Poems- Do a different student each day

-Begin Animal Research-vote on animal to research, habitat, diet, facts, etc…


This week, I will model another personal experience story that includes a Beginning, Middle, and End. The students will begin a new story as well. They will practice including transition words in their writing: first, next, then, finally.

Tuesday, students will move their name pencils to set a writing goal! During writing, students use their Writing Folders among several other tools in our classroom as a reference or as inspiration. Afterwards, they check their writing using our rubric:

Writing Anchors: Review: Work on Writing, Writing Checklist Writers Don’t Say….., Punctuation, Parts of a Friendly Letter, Animal Research Questions

Reading Focus: Recalling facts in texts, distinguishing between fiction and non fiction stories. We will be learning a lot about informational texts and its features this week. There will be a lot of research beginning also. When students are at the science center, they have the opportunity to write questions about things they wonder. An example might be: What do cheetahs eat? We use the board to pick a topic to research.

Reading Anchors: Review: What is fiction?, What is nonfiction, Informational Books

Shared Reading: Nonfiction Books

Phonics Skills: cvc words/elkonin boxes, medial sounds

Poems: I Have, Little Frog

Things we focus on with our weekly poems:

-Rhyming Words

-Capital Letters


-Sight Words

-Fluency (reading smoothly, not like a robot, and sounding like we talk)

-Word Chunks etc…

Math Focus: Number Sense/Model the action of separating to represent subtraction

Number Talks:

-I have _____ I wish I had ______. students will come up with how many more I need, if any and justify why.


Problem Solving/Journals:

-Read it, Draw it, Solve it!

-Crayola Word Problems Mimio

Math Activities:

-Playing Race to 10 and Race to 20 using large class number line

-Read/Sing Five Little Speckled Frogs. Then act out the song/write problems on whiteboards using frog/log props.

-Read/Sing Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar? Model subtraction using a big jar workmat and some “cookies.” As one child takes away cookies, the class write the equation on whiteboards. Lastly, each child gets their own mini cookie jar workmat/recording sheets. They will act out subtraction cookie problems using cookie cereal.

-Read If you Were a Minus Sign. Create a subtraction situation on chart paper. Then, allow students to create their own subtraction situations for a class book.

New Centers:

-Subtraction Smash w/Play-Doh

-Subtractio Bowling

Science/Social Studies:

-Continuing Animal Research using PebbleGo, Facts4Me and Brainpopjr. Discovering what Habitats are.

Fun Friday: Option: 1 Use candy hearts to see what happens when submerged in a cup of water, soda, and vinegar.

Option 2: Use candy hearts to see if they sink or float in water.

Have an AMAZING week!