Week 24

Happy Valentine’s Week!

Here is a look into what we are learning this week:

Morning Activities:

Morning Activities and Journal Writing (practice using sight words: was/of)

Monday: Journal Writing/Love is…

Tuesday: Practice # writing 1-20/glue yarn on top for fine motor practice

Wednesday: Draw a Bear and write poem, Fuzzy Wuzzy

Thursday: Fluency Find It-Medial Sounds

Friday: CHAMPS Assembly-Graphing-Do you like candy hearts? Yes/No… Observations

*Other morning activities:

-How many Valentine candies will the heart hold?

-Sight word memory

-Reader’s Theaters

-Handwriting Practice

-Word Work Games

Morning Message:

Monday: digraphs th/sh, long a sound practice, subitizing numbers/2 more and 2 less, name things that are red

Tuesday: stretching out words and writing missing letters, counting practice, filling in ten frames with numbers greater than 10, what are some things that can make a shadow?

Wednesday: digraphs (sh, ch, th), how many words in a sentence, writing number sentences from number bonds, what are some things you would want 100 of?

Thursday: matching words to correct picture, fill in the missing words in a sentence, completing number bonds, what are some things that are pink?

Class Routines During Calendar:

-Do you like vanilla or chocolate ice cream? Observations

-Count Around the Circle

-Completing a Pattern

-Would you rather see a dinosaur or walk on the moon? Observations

Interactive Writing:

-Completing Love is…

-How to Make a Heart

-Valentine Acrostic Poem


-This week’s writing activities include labeling a polar bear and writing facts we learn about them, adding February words to our writing reference/inspiration folders, continue letter writing, more practice writing stories with a beginning, middle and end.

Monday, students will move their name pencils to set a writing goal! During writing, students use their Writing Folders among several other tools in our classroom as a reference or as inspiration. Afterwards, they check their writing using our rubric:

Writing Anchors: Work on Writing, Writing Checklist Review: Writers Don’t Say….., Punctuation, Parts of a Friendly Letter, Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Reading Focus: Recalling facts in texts, distinguishing between fiction and non fiction stories. We will be learning a lot about informational texts and its features this week. There will be a lot of research beginning also. When students are at the sciene center, they have the opportunity to write questions about things they wonder. An example might be: What do cheetahs eat? We use the board to pick a topic to research.

Reading Anchors: What is fiction?, What is nonfiction, Informational Books

Shared Reading: Valentine’s Books and Nonfiction Books

Phonics Skills: cvc words/elkonin boxes, medial sounds

Poems: Fuzzy Wuzzy, President’s Day, Valentine Friendship

Things we focus on with our weekly poems:

-Rhyming Words

-Capital Letters


-Sight Words

-Fluency (reading smoothly, not like a robot, and sounding like we talk)

-Word Chunks etc…

Math Focus: Number Sense/Model the action of separating to represent subtraction

Number Talks:

-I have _____ I wish I had ______. students will come up with how many more I need, if any and justify why.

-Dot Cards


Problem Solving/Journals:

-Read it, Draw it, Solve it!

-Crayola Word Problems Mimio

Math Activities:

-Playing Race to 10 and Race to 20

-Read The Tale of Peter Rabbit, then use carrots to model the action of separating to represent subtraction. We will pretend that someone is Peter and they will take some carrots from Mr. McGregor’s garden. From there, we will come up with a subtraction problem. Finally, students will act out their own subtraction situations using Peter Rabbit workmats. And, of course, we will have carrots for a snack to go along with our fun activity! 🙂

-MIMIO: Five Little Ducks: Modeling subtraction situations

-Sing or Read Five Little Ducks and act out subtraction problems using duck props, students will then create their own subtraction story

Science/Social Studies:

-Animals-what they do in the winter, what animals hibernate

-President’s Day- George Washington and Abraham Lincoln activities.

Fun Friday: We are still hoping to do Chalk Shadows outside if the weather permits.

Have a LOVELY week!


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