100th Day Fun

We are 100 Days Smarter!

We Can Write 100 Words!

We made Fruit Loop Necklaces using 100 Fruit Loops!

All of the kiddos had a GREAT time showing off their 100 posters that they made at home!

We enjoyed reading lots of books about 100 days of school also!

Stacking 100 cups was a HIT with all of the kiddos.

Stacking 100 cubes!!!

Creating a design using 100 pattern blocks

We made a 100th Day Trail Mix that was super yummy! The kiddos got to put 100 pieces of snack into their bag!

Each table predicted how far they thought they would get after taking 100 steps from our classroom door. Afterwards, they had fun tracing their feet and actually taking 100 steps. It was neat to see how different the groups thought processes were. Some groups wanted to take tiny steps and others wanted to take HUGE steps. It was a great time and the kiddos taped up their footprint around the school to mark where they landed. I think I may have had the most fun :)!

Overall, it was a FANTASTIC day!