White Oak Primary had our very first CHAMPs Assembly on Friday. Each week one class from the primary puts on a little show to teach a character trait. This week was attentiveness. Our class will have ours in April! I will send home a note closer to time so that you can all make arrangements to be there. Here is a picture of our first 2 CHAMP award winners!


This Week….

Here’s a look into what we will be learning this upcoming week:

Sight Words: they, with

Morning Message: Rhyming/Initial/Final Sounds/Sight Word Fill in the Blank/Stretching Out Words/Reviewing: capitalization/punctuation

Number Corner: Calendar Activities/Counting Practice (forwards and backwards), comparing #s (more than, less than, equal to), 1 less and 1 more than a given #

Big Books: The Mitten and other winter themed books

Interactive: Winter Story

Poem: Friends

Reading: Compound Words/Inferencing Skills/Story Elements/Retelling

anchors: Compound Words/Questions/The Mitten Story Elements/Retelling The Mitten

Writing: Winter Story-The kiddos will actually plan their story and begin writing it this week!

Review what writers do: Think, Draw, Label, Write/Why Writers Write/What Gets a Capital???


-Comparing Numbers (I have a great song for this!)

-more than, less than, equal to

-1 more, 1 less

-Addition Number Sentences

-We will be taking a math observation walk where the kiddos will get to “jot” down things they see that is math related (ex. Shapes, numbers, etc…)

Number Talks:

-Number Strings


-Using illustrations to come up with addition sentences Ex. 2+2+2=6 or 5+1=6

-What Do You Notice?

-Addition Number Sentences

Investigations: Unit 3

Continuation from last week:

-Ordering Cards-playing independently now

-Assessing Skills

-Observation Walk-around the school

-What’s Missing?

-Comparing Numbers


-Flashcard Addition w/unifix cubes

-Snowmen # Order

-Snowman # Toss w/ten frame

-Snowmen #s with cotton balls

-Geoboard shape making

-Comparing 2d/3d shapes

-Snowflake Addition

-Measuring w/snowflakes

-Pocket Chart-Shapes (sides, corners, name)

-Math Tubs

Small Math Groups: Shake and Spill, 3d Shapes Book, Addition, Comparing #s

Math Journal:

-Problem Solving

-Problem Solving


-Skip Counting

Classroom Routines:

-Calendar-What days do we come to school? What days do we stay home?

-Do you like pizza or spaghetti better?

-Would you rather eat peas or carrots?

-Are there more girls or boys in our class? How can we figure it out?

Penmanship: C-E/Numbers

Literacy Centers:

ABC Center: Creating sight words in library pockets using popsicle sticks/Build It Sight Word Activity

Word Work: Initial Sounds

Writing Center: Describe your Mitten

Technology: Symbaloo Literacy Games Ipads: Literacy Games

Pocket Chart: How Many Syllables?

Poetry: Winter Animals

Library/Listening: QR code Winter Book Reading/Favorite Character/checkout a book from library and return old book from book box.

Lightbulb: Word Work Activities

Big Books/Mimio: Syllables

Science/Social Studies: Martin Luther King Activities

Guided Reading: Each group is on a different level so the skills vary as to what I teach or focus on each day. Some examples that I try and work with on all groups are things like making connections as they read, inferencing- what do you think is going to happen from what we just read or by looking at the illustration, story elements, word attack skills/reading strategies, phonics skills, etc…. the list goes on…..

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!