Learning This Week

Hey guys!

I sure have missed my kinderpillars!!! I can’t wait to see them on Monday!

Here’s a sneak peek of what we will be learning this upcoming week:

Sight Words: said, here (I have some fun songs that go with these 2 words, so get ready for your kiddo to come home singing!)

Morning Message: Initial/Final Sounds/Sight Word Fill in the Blank/Stretching Out Words/Reviewing: capitalization/punctuation

Number Corner: Calendar Activities/Counting Practice (forwards and backwards), comparing #s (more than, less than, equal to), 1 less and 1 more than a given #

Big Books: Snowmen at Night and other winter themed books

Interactive: New Year Resolutions/Winter Stories

Poems: I’m a Little Snowman, Winter Animals

Reading: Reviewing: Syllables/Analyzing characters and their actions, story elements

We will also be discussing Beginning, Middle, and End and making predictions!

anchors: Reviewing all story element anchors, syllables, predictions on what snowmen do at night, what snowmen actually do at night

Writing: New Year Resolution/Winter Story

Review what writers do: Think, Draw, Label, Write 🙂


-2D/3D shapes (analyze attributes, compare, etc)

-more than, less than, equal to

-1 more, 1 less

Number Talks:

-Ways to make 10 using magnetic red/yellow counters

-Ways to make 7

-Using illustrations to come up with addition sentences Ex. 2+2+1=5


-Addition Number Sentences

Investigations: Unit 3

-Ordering Cards

-Assessing Skills

-Observation Walk

-What’s Missing?


-Flashcard Addition w/unifix cubes

-Snowmen/Cotton Ball number match up

-Snowman Number Toss/Ten Frame Game

-Geoboard Shape Making

-2D/3D Shape analyzing

-Winter Number Match Up

-Chicka Chicka Boom Boom What Shape is in the Tree?

Small Math Groups: Shapes, and other needed math skills

Math Journal:

-What’s the Missing Number

-Problem Solving

-Problem Solving

-Skip Counting

Classroom Routines:

-Take away some of the days of the week on the calendar: What days are missing?

-Are you wearing shoes that tie?

-Count Around the Circle

-Are you wearing the color blue today?

Penmanship: A-C/Numbers

Literacy Centers:

ABC Center: Creating sight words in library pockets using popsicle sticks/Alphapop Activity

Word Work: Roll the Sight Word

Writing Center: What do Snowmen do at Night?

Technology: Symbaloo Literacy Games Ipads: Literacy Games

Pocket Chart: How Many Syllables?

Poetry: I’m a Little Snowman

Library/Listening: QR code Book Reading/setting activity/checkout a book from library and return old book from book box.

Lightbulb: Word Work Activities (initial sounds)

Big Books/Mimio: -at and -an

Science/Social Studies: Seasons



We made snowmen ornaments out of Elmer’s Glue! It took them over 24 hours to harden!


Reading Time 🙂


We had to let our bread ornaments harden over night before painting them the next day.


Polar Express Day! Our classes rotated to different stations all day. We had hot cocoa in the kinderpillar room! After that, we voted and tallied who liked marshmallows in their hot cocoa and who didn’t!

img_4100 img_4101 img_4104 img_4105img_4110

One of my former 2nd Grade students came and read to our class! It was so special! He is now in 7th grade!

One of my former 2nd Grade students came and read to our class! It was so special! He is now in 7th grade!


Christmas Party Day!

Christmas Party Day!

Sweet Little Smiles :)

Sweet Little Smiles 🙂

img_4120 img_4121

My Sweet Kinderpillars.. I sure have missed them!

My Sweet Kinderpillars.. I sure have missed them!


Christmas Party Relay!

Christmas Party Relay!



Christmas Party/Early Release!

I can’t believe that tomorrow is the last day before Christmas Break! Our Christmas Party will start at 9:00 sharp tomorrow morning. If you are planning on coming to help set up, please be here and come to my classroom by 8:30! My room number is 102! All of the kiddos are soooo excited and would love for you to come to the party! See you soon! I will have a sign out sheet in my room so you can take you child with you after the party if you’d like. Thank you for all that you do!


P.S. The kiddos do not need to bring their backpacks or anything tomorrow!

This Week :)

This week, we will be reviewing many skills in the Kinderpillar Room! We will also be having some Christmas FUN!!

The kiddos will be bringing home their same reader in their book bag on Tuesday. We will be doing a kindergarten rotation all day along with our fun pajama day, so we will not be reading in small groups.

I am so, very proud of how far each and every one of my students have come since the beginning of the year! You should be too! Please remember to read with them over the holidays! I will be sending home each students’ sight word ring inside of their book bag over the Christmas Break. Please make sure your child practices the sight words on the ring!! I ask that you return the sight word ring back to school in their book bags once school starts back up in January!

Thank you for all that you do! See you at the Christmas party on Friday! 🙂

Reading Benchmarks

I will be assessing students reading levels this week. This means that your child may not get to meet with me in a reading group each day. They will be allowed to bring home books on their independent reading levels while I am testing students. Thank you for understanding.

Mellissa Stagner

Week 15

It’s beginning to look a lot like….Christmas…..in the Kinderpillar Room!

Here’s a sneak peek of what we will be learning this week:

Sight Words: it

Morning Message: Final Sounds/Stretching Out Words/Reviewing: letter/word/sentence

Number Corner: Calendar Activities/Counting Practice (forwards and backwards)

Big Books: Christmas Books all week long!

Interactive: Christmas Writing

-Using tradition cards to write about Christmas

-If you give Mouse a _______, He’ll ask for _________.

Poems: S-A-N-T-A, Way up High on the Christmas Tree, I Like Christmas

Reading: Sequencing/Retelling (Reviewing setting, characters, and main idea)

anchors: Reviewing all story element anchors

Activity: Finishing our How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Activity from last week.

Writing: Free Writing about themselves


-Addition/Story Problems with simple addition/counting forwards and backwards to 20 and from 20

-Gingerbread Counting (what number is missing?)

-Count Around the Room Game

-Adding using Domino Pieces

Investigations: Unit 2

-Comparing Inventory Bags

-Letters in our Names

-Counting Jar

-Grab and Count


-Christmas Tree Number Order 1-20 or 1-10

-Christmas Tree/Poof Ball Counting

-Holiday Spin and Graph

-Flash Card Addition w/unifix cubes

-Make a number web with cheerios

-Ten Frame Trains


-Build It w/number cards/ten frames

-Hot Cocoa Adding with marshmallows

-Cocoa Marshmallow Counting

-Number Line using linking Chains

Small Math Groups: Number Sense/Addition Activities

Math Journal:

-What’s the Larger Number

-Adding Dice

-Counting by 10s

-Story Problems

Classroom Routines:

-Take away some of the days of the week on the calendar: What days are missing?

-Do you like sugar or chocolate chip cookies?

-Would you rather drink white or chocolate milk?

-How many days until Christmas Break?

Penmanship: Numbers

Literacy Centers:

ABC Center: Sorting Magnetic Letters into Capital/Lowercase, Matching The correct letter onto a file folder, creating sentences using sight words and magnetic letter

Word Work: Final Sound Practice using Christmas Pictures

Writing Center: Winter Sentence Scramblers 2

Technology: Symbaloo Literacy Games Ipads: Literacy Games

Pocket Chart: Christmas Tree Building Sight Words

Poetry: Gingerbread Man

Library/Listening: Listen to Christmas Themed Book and fill out setting activity/checkout a book from library and return old book from book box.

Lightbulb: Creating Santa Bags for Christmas Party, Word Work Activities

Big Books/Mimio: Cvc words 2

Science/Social Studies: Christmas


-Snowman Ornament using glue and wax paper-Complete this

-Grinch Ornaments

-Cinnamon Salt Dough Ornaments

-Bread Ornament-Complete this

Important Information

Christmas Vacation is right around the corner! Below you will find some very important information dealing with the upcoming weeks!

  • Dec. 12thstudents need to wear or bring socks.  Primary students will be using the bounce houses, in the gym, for peripherals that afternoon.
  • Dec. 13th – will be a pajama “Polar Express” day.  Students will be allowed to wear dress code appropriate pajamas, attend the band concert,in the gym, at 9:00, and have activities in the classroom.
  • Dec. 15th – Primary students dismiss at 11:30.
  • Dec. 16th – Christmas parties are all at 9:00.  Students dismiss at 11:30
  • We will ask parents and visitors of primary students to enter through the Primary entrance on party days.
  • A note will be coming home on Monday, the 5th,  about our penny christmas gift exchange for our class!